How to make a garden scrapbook?

Gardening is a great stress-buster and a very rewarding hobby as well. A scrapbook about gardening and your personal experiences can be a very enriching book which can be consulted anytime.

If gardening is your hobby, then why not make a journal of the time you spend tending to your personal patch in the yard?

Apart from compiling all the relevant information, it will bring out your creativity in someplace other than a gardener. Include write-ups about indoor as well as outdoor plants and vegetables so that your next generation can take tips from you through this scrapbook.

1. Start from the very beginning, when your garden was just a patch of land infested by weeds. Gradually show the progress you made by cleaning it up, watering and preparing a flowerbed.

2. Give a list of must have plants which are all-season, and a separate list of seasonal plants. Plan which ones should be planted where in your garden, depending on how much sunlight it gets. Write down all these tips which could be helpful later.

3. Click pictures of the sapling and make a collage of it gradually turning into a healthy plant and when the flowers bloom.

4. Include pictures of landscaped gardens and other well maintained parks from which you can draw inspiration. You can either include notes from a gardening workshop you recently attended, or a similar personal research.

5. Paste pictures and information about garden maintenance, tools, instruments, pesticides, and ornaments which can be used in a garden.

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