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Kip Roof testimonial Kip Roofgoogle photos
PicBackMan does exactly what it's supposed to. It's quick and efficient. It runs unobtrusively in the background and has done an excellent job of uploading more than 300GB of photos to 2 different services. After having lost a lot of personal memories to a hard drive crash, it's nice to know that my photos are safe in 2 different places. I definitely recommend it for preserving all your photo memories! Their support is excellent, too. When I did have an issue, they sorted it out in just a few minutes.
Dropbox Pausing Motion testimonial Vlad I am very satisfied and surprised at the same time with Pic BackMan. The service is very good and useful. I used it to transfer my photos from Dropbox to my Flickr accound. I highly recomment it.
SmugMug Julia Alyea Farella testimonial Julia Alyea Farella LOVE this program! Works better than ANY other program out there that I have found to upload thousands of pictures WITH SUB-FOLDERS to SmugMug! Thank you so much for what you do! :) #happycustomer
Robert testimonial Robert onedrive
I started with the basic plan, went to premium and now on their platinum plan and it's more than worth the price for me. PicBackMan has saved me many tedious hours of effort moving many files between my various cloud and photo site services and my local computers. It also helped me conveniently recover a great number of photos after a local drive crashed using the migrate facility. Thank you for creating a well designed and useful service.
SmugMugPausing Motion testimonial PausingMotion I pointed PicBackMan at a directory structure, and next time I looked - all the photos had uploaded! Pretty cool. I use SmugMug and while I really like it, the process of creating directories in is pretty laborious when you need to make 80+ at a time. This was a breeze. Thank you!
googledriveDary Merckens testimonial Dary Merckens I have thousands of family photos and it's always been such a pain to upload them to various cloud services for offline storage. Well not anymore! PicBackMan makes backing everything up a complete breeze. I don't know how I ever lived without it!
Mary Patricia Millar Mary Patricia MillarSmugMug
I had my 1725 photos migrated from my Smugmug to my Flickr account. The album structure they were organized into was maintained. This was done using MigrateMan through PicBackMan. The migration was completed within one business day for $16 US. This is well worth the cost given the time I saved by avoiding downloading/uploading/reorganizing.
Alen Serafino testimonial Alen Serafino I have a large collection of photos and videos to upload on some of my storage account and I was looking for an application that can do it all automatically, and that it did especially well. I found a definitive answer to my needs thanks to this amazing program and that it is constantly improving whith new fantastic features. A big thanks to the developers of PicBackMan!!!
dropboxLars Frandsen testimonial Lars Frandsen I am absolutely delighted with PicBackMan. I had serious load of images on a locas NAS and now PBM just works in the background syncronizing to dropbox while I am doing other things. It's a perfect back-up solution for me. And the service is amazing. Thanks!
 Jim Griffin testimonial Jim Griffin SmugMug
I had been searching for an easy way to get all of my pictures on my PC automatically uploaded to SmugMug, but was having a tough time finding any software. I came across PicBackMan, and decided to give it a try. It's AWESOME!! I have tens of thousands of pictures...and they are now successfully uploaded to SmugMug, where they are safely backed up, and I can edit and organize them. If you are hesitating about using PicBackMan, hesitate no longer...try it...and you'll be glad you did!!
Gavin Whitham testimonial Gavin Whithamflicker PicBackMan was really easy to setup and has been running for 3 days now backing up all my locally saved photos to Flickr. My photos are really valuable to me so it's great to be able to have them easily backed up to a secure location.
Brett Middaugh testimonial Brett Middaughflicker I've used picbackman for just about a year and without it I would not have been able to upload my entire photo collection to flickr easily. I highly recommend the product. Although I am not a fan of yearly subscriptions their support team is quick to answer any questions you may have. Definitely a useful product for photographers to upload photos online.
Dave testimonial Dave
PIcBackMan was an answer to many a prayer. How can I get this MASSIVE collection of photos onto a service that cripples uploading? PicBackMan. I uploaded approximately 85,000 photos in less than a month. It would have taken me close to a year to get all of those photos where they needed to go. Nothing short of brilliant.
 Glen Chambers testimonial Glen Chambers It just works and solved a big problem for me. I feel much better knowing my digital photo life is backed up and safe.
googledriveJamie Harper testimonial Jamie Harper This is a FAR better user experience than Google Drive's own solution, for uploading (50GB+) photo/video collections to Drive. Highly recommended.
Harold Harold
PicBackMan's customer service is great! After searching the internet and reading about the features of the backup/migration tool, I paid a subscription to PicBackMan with the goal of migrating my photos from SmugMug to Flickr. I was disappointed and frustrated that the tool was very slow and not up to my expectations. I was ready to ask for a refund but what transpired next changed my heart and my impression of the company. I contacted Customer Service who in turn empathized with me and handled my case very professionally. They responded promptly in all the communications and even went out of their way to offer me their migration service. They did what they promised to do within the timeframe they specified. I was indeed very delighted with the excellent customer service that I received! They certainly exceeded my expectations. BTW, I understand that those who helped me are the owners themselves who made sure that I am fully satisfied with their service. Such personal touch and caring attitude are indeed te staments to their commitment to their customers!
 Bosco testimonial Bosco This looks like awesome stuff, am still exploring but this seems good to go!
Jiahe testimonial Jiahe Yes this is awesome. Want a software just like this.
 N Fang testimonial N Fang Easy to use tool!
Clever Ricardo Chinaglia Clever Ricardo Chinagliaflicker
I had 80,000 photos to upload to flickr, and flickr pro users knows how ridiculous are the speed of the desktop app for a lot of us... With picbackman I´ve got all the 80,000 photos uploaded in about 3 weeks - using my laptop for only a few hours a day! I reccomend!
 Tom Tilson testimonial Tom Tilson Pickbackman is excellent software for transferring large numbers of files. And Support has been excellent.
Lari Lievonen testimonial Lari Lievonen This program is the time saver, because I backup tons of pictures to Flickr! Customer service is also very helpful!
 Arek Janik testimonial Gustav Kieslev Easy way to upload pictures. Just setup once and don't worry about it later
John C John C
I've been using Picbackman for 2 or 3 years. It is the best photo backup system out there. The support is first class. The team usually respond to emails same day and can fix any problems on your computer directly (using Teamviewer) when really needed. PBM is how I wish all software was supported. There are two deal breaking features for me, that bring me to PBM with Flickr over other alternatives - such as Google Photos. PBM preserves my albums and folders, exactly as I define them, when uploaded to Flickr. It also handles videos. Google Photos does not currently allow you to recover video after upload (you can watch it, but not download it again), but with PBM and Flickr this is not a problem. I like PBM's simple subscription service. I can subscribe for a few months at a time for a low easy-to-manage fee without investing in an annual or lifetime subscription. Therefore, I will be continuing to use PBM for quite some time. Thanks guys
Ava Tran testimonial Ava Tran Super easy bulk uploader! I love using it. Select the folder and you're good to go.
zach testimonial zach Worked very well to automate the uploading of thousands of pics to Flickr.
Achal Gupta testimonial Achal Gupta flicker
This is a fantastic piece of software! I wanted to backup 100+ gigs worth of original sized photos to Flickr and after trying many many tools, PickBacMan was the one that finally worked. It worked flawlessly for 10 straight days uploading all my photos without a single error/ timeout/ crash. Absolutely amazing! I didn't try the other premium features but the ability to replicate stuff across multiple accounts sounds awesome! Highly recommended!
Enuma testimonial ENUMA PicBackMan is the saver of my life. Save my a lots of time ! I'm glad i've found PBM :) And the Staff Team is very helpful !
Miles testimonial Thiago The product is simply fantastic. One-click ensures that all your photos are carefully saved in the cloud. I love it.
Kerry testimonial Kerry
Hey, I purchased the platinum month by month PicBackMan service to migrate about 14GB (4000+ photos) from my Google Photos to MS OneDrive. I had tried it without PicBackMan a few times and never managed to transfer more than a few photos at a time because it took forever! I needed to remove my photos from my google photos (picasa) account quickly because I was about to run out of storage on my gmail account. Paying the approx AU$8.50 was well worth it. I just left my laptop running overnight with PicManBack doing it all in the background and it was done in 2 nights. It may only take other people 1 night, but my laptop ran out of power at some point during the first night. Many thanks to PicBackMan for providing this service. It does the job!
Lucas Borges testimonial Lucas Borgesflicker PicBackMan was the easiest way I found to migrate all of my 12,000+ photos from Flickr to Google Photos at a reasonable price.
Glen Martineau testimonial Glen Martineau flicker I was poking around the Internet looking for an easy tool to help me consolidate 15 years of my pictures from Google Photos and Flickr etc - this tool was very easy to use and was painless to setup.
 John testimonial John
This is just what needed to sync photos from a social media account to my Flickr Pro account (unlimited storage space)... and to also back up photos automatically uploaded from my Windows phone to OneDrive. My Windows Phone has limited app support - which is a good thing actually since i need a phone to be a reliable phone 100% of the time - so the only automatic photo backup goes to OneDrive. PicBackMan allows me to sync those to Flickr as well. I originally set up a monthly payment so I could try it out for a little while, but ended up purchasing the whole app a few days ago. I'm very happy with this product.
 Sebastian testimonial Sebastian Excellent program, like no other it can handle any amount of photos.
Leonardo testimonial Leonardo I really enjoyed the app!
Dave testimonial Dave B Excellent product and the team at PicBacMan is great to work with and very responsive!
 t.e.lahey testimonial T.E.Lahey flicker
I've been fighting with the Flickr uploader for months. It keeps crashing and there is no support. PicBackMan works great! Very stable and faster and more features than the Yahoo Flicker uploader. Thanks!
Shalom testimonial Shalom What great service! I had problems utilizing the service (hint, hint, please update the YouTube Instructional!) and after a quick personal session i was up and running! Thank you so much for coming to the rescue with my precious photos!
Holly testimonial Holly PicBackMan is a great app. Very user friendly, even for a novice like me. I was able to transfer all my Facebook photos to Google drive fast and easy! I highly recommend this app and the premium upgrade. Well worth the small expense
 Michael R.  testimonial Michael R.
The service of this company is second to none. And no, that's NOT an exaggeration. I purchased PicBackMan and then, because of my 100's of GIGs of photos and videos, I decided to make my life easier and upgraded to the MigrateMan service. There were some issues in the API between the platforms I was using. But MigrateMan didn't leave me hanging. They were attentive, responsive and found other solutions that, in the end, gave me what I wanted and impressed me. Because of the time they needed to invest, I honestly think they probably didn't make any money from my account but they never complained or brought it up. They were ALWAYS engaged and concerned about my satisfaction until the end. What more can you ask for?!
Ryan H testimonial Ryan H We have begin using PicBackMan for a few weeks now to upload to various locations and so far it goes off without a hitch. The support team is also very quick to respond and assist when needed.
Andrew Kirkby testimonial Andrew Kirkby I've been using the product for a number of years now and it is excellent. I have recently upgraded to the Platinum version - It is simple and easy to setup and configure, and can then be just left and forgotten about. It just carries on in the background making sure all those treasured photos are safe. Great product.
 Molly testimonial Molly
PicBackman was a life saver in that I could upload all my folders, keeping them in their original folders rather than them being converted back to date format.
Sheldon Hildebrand testimonial Sheldon Hildebrand Was having difficulties with Google Photos Desktop Uploader (reporting incorrect # of photos, slow, and no sign of progress). PicBackMan worked out of the box, gave clear indication of what was happening. Great job
Carlos F F Fonseca  testimonial Carlos F F Fonseca No doubt - best tool in the market to move massive amounts of photos around without affecting the performance of other devices using the same internet connection
 Bill Boyd  testimonial Bill Boyd
Now that Apple has discontinued iPhoto, I need to move my thousands of photos to a place where I will still be able to see them. PicBackMan is saving me a huge amount of manual labor by automatically uploading my iPhoto libraries to SmugMug (and moving the metadata along with them). Without PicBackMan, I'd be looking at hours of painstaking work. When I ran into technical difficulties, Sujit from Customer Support looked at my computer remotely and quickly found the problem. And he was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, PBM team! I do have a few suggestions for you: It would be great to have some opportunities during U.S. daylight hours to do a TeamViewer session, and TeamViewer itself has some challenges in getting connected. Finally, since you're working on a few "known issues" involving the latest version of PBM, it would be very helpful to post the workarounds on your website. I think I could have solved the problems myself with a bit more information. All that said, I'm happy with the outcome. Well done!
Arban testimonial Arban This apps helped to save my time to upload thousand of my pics to Flickr. Well done to developler for an awesome application.
Martin Griffiths testimonial Martin Griffiths PicBackman has proved to be essential in backing up my photos to both my Smugmug and Flickr accounts. Very easy to use. I have it on all my devices both Windows and Android.
Mari Kook testimonial Mari Kook
Hello! I really appreciate Your kindheartedness! I can't even describe how happy and thankful I am! Thank You SO much! I'll definitely use this program, because I really like it, it's simple to use and I would definitely recommend this to my friends! You people are AWESOME! Thank you!
Darren testimonial Darren Just what I was looking for to backup holiday photos without having duplicate files.
GavPeloton testimonial GavPeloton PicBackMan has been operating quietly in the background on my Mac for a year now and in that time has backed up over 30,000 photos to Flickr. It's done exactly what I wanted it to do with no fuss, it's a great piece of software.
 A. Satisfied Customer testimonial A. Satisfied Customer
The MigrateMan service is very efficient and reasonably priced, with a minimum charge of $25. The program's Migrate function appears in need of repair, as I couldn't get it to work with Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Home Premium operating systems. I tried to leave a photo with this review, but I'm not sure if it uploaded.
Jason Haiselden testimonial Jason Haiselden Whilst using smugmug it was frustrating not being able to bulk upload - PicBackMan solved this for me and made my life so much easier.
Gösta Ask testimonial Gösta Ask Fast and efficient, good support too. I saw a problem uploading an iPhoto library, they solved that with a TeamViewer session.
 Jason van Oudheusden testimonial Jason van Oudheusden
As an enthousiast photographer, the last thing you want is losing all your photos. Backing-up is normally a day task, but with PicBackMan it is just select and go. The best program I have ever seen, and cheap as well! I can't live without it anymore!
penny for your thoughts! testimonial penny for your thoughts! PicBackMan is a really neat app that takes care of bulk uploads to multiple cloud accounts. I found it very easy to use.
Trevor Jones testimonial Trevor Jones PickBackman is a great application for uploading huge picture files. Very easy to use would thoroughly recommend.
Barry Graham testimonial Barry Graham flicker
Great tool for enduring your photos are always safely backed up. I backed up tens of thousands of photos and dozens of videos to Flickr in my 1st couple of months using PicBackMan. Would unreservedly recommend as it works seamlessly and copies your photos to Flickr in sets which reflect your folders.
Aussie in AZ testimonial Aussie in AZ I stumbled across PicBackMan just over a year ago and am very impressed with not onlt the product, but also the customer service. PBM support get back to you very quickly IF you ever have an issue. I use PBM to backup my photos to my Flickr account and it does it seamlessly in the back ground. I have it set up to start when I turn on my PC. It runs a quick check for any new pics or folders of pics I have in the My Pictures library and "voilà", it's does. Great program, highly recommended
Bear Swanson testimonial Bear Swanson Thank you PickBackMan for such a great service. I paid for the Platinum package and I wasn't disappointed. I deactivated my Facebook accounts a while back as I was fed up with social media. The downside was not being able to see all my memories that were on there. Now I have everything backed up to Dropbox in the same folders which PickBackMan had created for me. Ive spent the past few days going through 4000 photos and videos and having a laugh at the past. Cheers!
Rio A testimonial Rio A
I've been searching for ages for a way to easily backup my 30,000+ photos to different cloud services, but that search ended when I installed PicBackMan. The stock uploader for cloud services are usually not versatile, and I was never satisfied by it. PicBackMan was different: flexible, reliable, and super simple. Just choose different directories on your hard drive where the photos are stored, choose cloud services you want to upload to, and that's it! No extra work needed to keep everything in order. I've tried everything out there, but I can say for sure that PBM is definitely the best solution!
Caen Floorball testimonial Caen Floorballflicker PicBackMan helped me a lot in migrating the photos of my sports club, Caen Floorball, from Picasa to Flickr. Thanks a lot for this great tool!
Photoshop Testimonial Photoshop Dude !!! This is without doubt one of the easiest and slickest applications I have used. 100% recommend !
Jean Michel testimonial Jean Michel
Like your PicBackMan software who works very good the support is helpfull and very good thanks i just would ask the possibility to migrate one album on flickr and not all the albums i you can manage that you are great people !
Charles R. Cherry testimonial Charles R. Cherryflicker I use this to backup my photos to Flickr. It makes the process much easier. I now have about 16,000 photos in my flickr account. Using PicBackMan helps automate the process of uploading them, keeping them grouped into sets, etc.
Testimonial 2 Richard Friends uploaded photos they took from our wedding to designated Flickr account. We then found it extremely difficult to find a way to batch download them. PicBackMan was our solution and I highly recommend them!
Patrick Lee testimonial Patrick Lee
This is probably the best and safest program to use for backups and transferring photos/videos. Customer service is exceptional and these guys will go out of their way to solve any issue you may have. I totally recommend you give PicBackMan a shot. You got nothing to lose, and a whole bunch of photos to gain.
Anthony Raynor testimonial Anthony Raynor I am still amazed how many photo and video sites do not have a proper uploader. I use Picasa and it works well, at least until lately. I was searching for an uploader for Flickr and SmugMug and stumbled upon PicBackMan. A nominal fee for the software so I gave it a try. So far it has uploaded 31.6GB to Flickr, only 90GB more to go. Then onto the 70GB of videos. Despite working well, it hooks into a large amount of services. Give it a try and I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.
Martin Miller testimonial Martin Miller I'd been searching for something like PicBackMan to upload our event photos on the fly for a couple of years or so. After using some other flaky software it was fantastic to know this 'worked', and it worked extremely well. We had a minor problem which was probably unique to us but Sujit from their team worked on it and resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. Thank you Sujit for sorting us out - and working after hours! This software is now permanently embedded into our workflow and I would recommended it to anybody in need of this type of thing :-)
CKH testimonialCKH
Very useful utility to move thousands of photos from Flickr to my computer. I need to do this only once in a while, and found that I could subscribe/unsubscribe from the higher-level premium service easily. Next time there's a big move, will use again! Thanks PicBackMan for a good product and customer service.
Ashley testimonial Ashley I love this app on my mac mini! I sync iPhoto to flickr & Onedrive hassle free! almost 30,000 photos and counting! I also use it to backup my professional photos to flickr to! I would highly recommend PBM to anyone using Mac or PC.Works flawlessly and hassle free.It runs in the background and I don't have to worry about it.
Peteak testimonial Peteak Loved PicBackMan! I transferred all of my photos and videos to flickr without any effort at all. It transferred everything in my pre-arranged file structure which was awesome! A great product and highly recommended!!
Ash testimonial Ash
It's a really great service, definitely worth the price. what it DOES is extremely useful, helpful, and fast. Highly recommend, especially the $5/month premium account, which can be cancelled at any time.
Gustavo Nascimento testimonial Gustavo Nascimento PBM is ..., easiest way to automatically backup your photos. I have my almost 1TB of photos safe & with the least amount of work. Definitely worth the price.
Justin testimonial Justin I was able to send on flickr my entire files, it is automatic, it is the best tool to send a whole collection of photos to separate folders, you win a crazy time, I recommend it.
CrankyBeach testimonial CrankyBeach
I have somewhere between a boatload and a bazillion photos, and the collection continues to grow every day. Searching for reliable backup solutions, I came across the information that Flickr now allows a full terabyte of photos. I further learned that there are problems that will automate uploading to Flickr. The first two I tried didn't work. I saw a mention of PicBackMan, downloaded it, and it worked. I soon realized that uploading only 500 photos per month was not going to do it for me, so I upgraded to the premium version, which, considering the trouble it's going to save me, is a real bargain. As I write this, after only 4 days, I have already uploaded nearly 6000 photos, with nearly 8000 more in the queue. And I haven't even copied all the photos to the associated folder yet. I appreciate that the program automatically backs up subfolders, but I had to do a little experimenting to arrive at a folder naming system that was going to make sense both at my end and once the folders are uploaded to Flickr as albums. (It uses the name of the subfolder that the photos are in, so with a file structure such as "Photos2005MarchMarch 2005 road trip," the Flickr album is called "March 2005 road trip." Clear as mud?) I also appreciate that Flickr allows uploading of full-size image files, unlike some other sites. For someone who likes to experiment with altering images, full-size images are an absolute must. In conclusion, Flickr and PicBackMan working together offer the best solution I have been able to find for backing up my very large photo collection.
 Chris testimonial Chris Works very well. Used it to back up all my photos to flickr
Cesar testimonial Cesar great app. thanks for developing such a fantastic software
Saurabh Sharma testimonial Saurabh Sharma Was great experience. Keep the good work up.
Blaine Millern testimonial Blaine Millerflicker
I'm a Mac users so PicBackMan 1.0 for mac had my interest for a while and I will say that It works well, It could be better in regards to visual appearance and running in the background would be nice. I am told that they will be adding the background feature in a month or two. I used the dedupe feature to remove 3,000+ photos from my flickr to free up space to upload another 3,000+ different pictures. I had the duplicates for quite some time because of the way my tumblr automatically copied my posts to my flickr and I ended up re-uploading them when I migrated from my iPhoto application to flickr. This program worked well but keep your internet alive for a worry free process.
 B Kline testimonial B Kline Absolutely love PBM. Been using for a few years now and it has made my life much easier. Uploading photos used to be such a task. With PBM,'s quickly done. And tech support is a dream to work with. Always very quick (like email responses sent in couple of minutes quick!), attentive and actually answer questions. Not all support is like this, so well done PBM team!
Michael K. Rosenberg testimonial Michael K. Rosenberg PicBackMan helped me upload thousands of photos to SmugMug very quickly, while maintaining my folder structure. Support from the PicBackMan staff has been incredibly great. Above and beyond!! Thanks so much.
Jon Oly testimonial Jon Oly
I have been using picbackman for about a year and it is priceless.... Especially when my wife lost her mobile and as she thought all her photos. Until I magically restored them. It made me look like a super hero!!! Cheers
Richard Farr testimonialRichard Farr Following our wedding many cutest transfer photos to Flickr as we had requested. We then discovered that it was extremely difficult to bulk transfer photos from Flickr. PicPacMan came to our rescue and we achieved the transfer relatively easily which was a massive relief!
Matt testimonialMatt PicBackMan made it nearly effortless to backup about 20,000 family photos and videos to Flickr. It was far more efficient and cost effective than the other approaches we tried. Great job, PicBackMan team!
Benedict Khoo testimonial Benedict Khoo
You can tell a lot about a company by the way it handles things when things go wrong. And things went wrong when, out of the blue, PicBackMan stopped uploading photos to Flickr. I tried everything but PBM refused to connect to the internet even tho all other programs worked perfectly with the net. I contacted the PicBackMan team who got back to me promptly. Using TeamViewer, Sujit (one of the team) worked on my computer tirelessly over the course of three days and two timezones, at one time until late in the night to get the stubborn problem resolved [it was an SP3 issue]. My first review of PicBackMan was about how great the product is. This is about how great the support behind the product is. I have purchased things costing thousands that don't have anywhere near this kind of technical support. The man hours spent on just my issue alone costs a lot more than the $20 I paid for the program. That's saying something about how they stand behind their product. To the PicBackMan team and especially Sujit, thanks for being there when things went wrong.
Johnny See testimonial Johnny See This is the most reliable Flickr backup tool I've found yet. You can upload any combination of directories you want - to any number of cloud destinations including Flickr. The only way this could be improved if the synchronisation was 2 way. The guys are working on this, they say. But despite the lack of this feature this is still the best backup tool around at the moment.
Glenn Casey testimonial Glenn Casey Just an amazing tool and invaluable for someone that has 'Backup OCD'!!!! Having changed PCs, Phones, Hard drives numerous times I know that all my irreplaceable photos and videos are safe and sound as they are backed up to various locations and are easily accessible anytime. I love how easy it is and I promise to spread the word and to get all my pals using this.
David Bloy testimonial David Bloy
I have over 30,000 photos on my hard drive and I was looking for a pain-free way to back them up to Flickr. I have found PicBackMan really simple to use and hassle-free. You just select the folders where your photos are stored and PicBackMan does the rest. It uploads in the background so you can get on with other tasks rather than sit and manually upload your photos. I love the fact that when the photos are uploaded to Flickr folders are converted to sets. I love the way that PicBackMan works with so many services - Facebook, Flickr, Google+ etc. The people behind PicBackMan understand that peoples' photos are now spread over a variety of websites, PCs and cloud services.
Kozian testimonial Kozian Very good application, Does what it should do, Easy and quick. Very good approach to the customer - nice and quick contact, clear rules. Decent prices!
Rob Kocher testimonial Rob Kocher PicBackMan has really worked well for backing up our photos. If you're looking for a good, easy solution to backing up your photos to the cloud, I highly recommend taking a look at this product.
Sandor testimonial Sandor
This is a great tool. I was looking for a software helps me to create a backup of my DSLR file library in the Cloud. 55k photos. I spend some time, to find a tool, which make it simple, and found, that this maybe the one i need. And yes, i am satisfied, and it did the job,. I will subscribe again, when i will have a larger amount of photos to sync, or do any mass management with Flickr, or any other cloud provider. I am not a photographer. Using DSLR eventually, so, i not need a continuous Platina subsription, but when i have a lot photos, i want to manage them quickly as possible, which i can do as a Platina... Everything van be better and quicker always, but this SW worked for me as expected as it is.. So, i am a happy customer :)
Patrick Lee testimonial Patrick Lee This is probably the best and safest program to use for backups and transferring photos/videos. Customer service is exceptional and these guys will go out of their way to solve any issue you may have. I totally recommend you give PicBackMan a shot. You got nothing to lose, and a whole bunch of photos to gain.
Mark Piper testimonial Mark Piper I had a few thousand photos to quickly get uploaded to Flickr. PicBackMan made the process simple. I could retain the folder structure that was important to me, and the upload process worked great! It was much more effective than trying to use the web-based tool Flickr provides. Count me as a happy user - and one that will continue to use the PicBackMan service when I have needs to work with large numbers of images.
Mark Piper testimonial Mark Wilson
I've found PicBackMan GOLD (monthly subscription) extremely useful to automatically upload numerous photos in multiple folders to Flickr. I originally had a Flickr Pro account which had this functionality (Uploadr) and was included as part of my ISP subscription. Unfortunately the ISP terminated its agreement with Yahoo and I was no longer able to automatically upload multiple folders and more than 200 images. With PicBackMan GOLD I am able to do so again. Thanks!
 Dan L testimonial Dan L I have been waiting for this program. Due to overlapping backups of iphones, pads, etc, I had many duplicates on SmugMug. I was even going to hire someone to sort it out. Then, for only $19.99 I have got it solved. Wow.
Glenn Kaka testimonial Glenn Kaka Picman is the app I never knew I needed: until I saw it in action. Automated photo storage. Auto uploads from multiple devices. Replicated my photo archives to multiple cloud accounts for safety.
Jeff Reprogle testimonial Jeff Reprogle
PicBackMan is a great program if you need to upload a lot of picture files to a cloud based storage service. I had several thousand pictures I needed backed up the cloud and PicBackMan made the process easy and stress free. It links to most of the top cloud based storage systems. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone.
Goran testimonial Goran Absolutely the best app for backup your photos and videos... I use PicBackMan for my big photo backup on Flickr cos' there everybody get 1TB free space. Setup PicBackMan once, and forget. Every new photo in your folders /subfolders will be uploaded. One of the best applications that i discovered in last 4-5 years.
Alexis testimonial Alexis I purchased PicBackMan in order to Migrate a large amount of photos to Flickr, an undertaking that easily could've taken a week. PicBackMan's Migration process was painless and my pictures were moved while I worked on other things. I highly recommend their services, thank you!
Eyal Zamir testimonial Eyal Zamir
I was looking for a good solution to sync tons of pictures with my Flickr account. tried nearly every tool exists but nothing had met my needs perfectly. with the recommended PicBackMan and its Desktop application i got all i need and more. I've uploaded all my images easily , pretty much hands free - just define several folders and all the rest is done automatically. Dedup feature works great and found duplicates i did not even thought exists. the application overhead is minimal - its buffetings and queues are working well with my other network consuming tools. i had purchased the premium license 2 days after i had started to use the application and can state that it worth its cost - extremely recommended.
Dorus Oerlemans testimonial Dorus Oerlemans I love your service. I needed the paid subscription to transfer a lot of images (about 3000) from picasa to flickr. Which seems a unique feature of picbackman. I would recommend your service and the help desk. Thank you very much.
Rob testimonial Rob PicBackMan is a nice piece of software. PicBackMan lets me upload or update lots of folders with photo's in one go. With hundreds of fairly large photo's, that takes some time ofcourse, so I will have some coffee! ;-)
Lincoln testimonial Lincoln
This service has saved me countless hours. I wanted to use Flickr to backup my pictures and videos but Flickr doesn't recognize folder structure and it would have taken a long time to re-create all those separate folders one-by-one on Flickr. PicBackMan made this whole process VERY easy. I just had to click the folders I wanted and start uploading and let it go. Literally a few minutes of work and PicBackMan did the rest; I could just the uploading continue while I was at work. Now all my pictures and videos are backed up and what would have been a labour-intensive process was effortless. This program helped me immensely and I would definitely recommend it.
António testimonial António A great product when you need to upload tons of photos. Reliable, fast and safe.I recommend it to those who want to upload large number of photos to Flickr.
Marc Heatley testimonial Marc Heatley Hi PicBackMan Team, I've been very happy with the product. I needed it to get my backlog of family pictures safely online which it did brilliantly. Keep up the good work.
Dean Di Pietrantonio testimonial Dean Di Pietrantonio
It was perfect for what I needed it to do. I had a lot of photos to upload and then I wanted to dedupe them. It's a great product if I run into someone who has alot of photos to upload I will recommend the software for sure.
P. Chauffard testimonial P. Chauffard Great tool. It backed up 150 GB of pictures seamlessly and keeps my folders in synch. Simple and effective.
Phil testimonial Phil it did an exellent job for what i wanted, but now that i have uploaded over 1000 photos
Peter W testimonial Peter W
I have used PicBackMan to upload 15,700 personal photographs chronicling my family from the 1930s until today. I have used only a fraction of my 1 terabyte of Flickr space, there is room for the rest of my life, I think. I am going to pass this on as family heirloom. My daughter loves seeing all of these photos. PicBackMan makes it easy to keep everything organized into Flickr Sets and Groups.
 Mark Smith testimonial Mark Smith I was sick of Skydrive freezing trying to upload 19,000 images, this program has worked flawlessly. many thanks.
Merill Fernando testimonial Merill Fernando ...PicBackMan is absolutely fantastic. I used it to transfer over 36 gigs of pictures to Flickr without any trouble at all.
Takashi Sugano testimonial Takashi Sugano
PicBackMan has dramatically reduced efforts to upload thousands of photos in my folders to online album (I'm using Smugmug). I really appreciate your excellent product .Keep up the good work!
 Juergen Kollmorgen testimonial Juergen Kollmorgen Your PicBackMan software works great, even when switching VPN and during timeouts.
Eric Collart testimonial Eric Collart This is a very good, easy to use and very needed program to make efficient use of the 1TB free offer from Flickr !
Matt S testimonial Matt S
I used PicBacMan to collect 23 gigs of photos from multiple locations into a new, single SmugMug account. The application ran in the background for a little more than 24 hours, which meant 24 hours I didn't have to drag files and type names. Well worth the money on that front. The product definitely saved me a ton of work and is worth the purchase.
 Amia Centhil testimonial Amia Centhil Wow! This bulk uploader is really easy & handy. Backing up photos was never this easy, as it is with @picbackman
Dan Quigan testimonial Dan Quigan So @picbackman is the best flickr backup app around, end-of. Does Goog/ Smugmug/ everything also. Finally putting my 1TB of flickr to good use.
Henk van Oosten Henk van Oosten
I lost my installation and was not able to install a new one. The team helped me by chat to solve the problem very quickly and very efficient. the problem was solved in 10 minutes . Thanks a lot. I can now use the program for which i have a lifetime contract. Wonderfull
 David C. Marshall Jr testimonial David C. Marshall Jr The stuff is so legit! Backed up my whole 6GB folder of photos. Nothing else worked. Thanks for being awesome.
Will Burchnall testimonial Will Burchnall Picbackman worked perfectly, I'd have happily paid jQuery5 or jQuery10 for a one off use as it has saved a huge amount of time. I'm very impressed with the product.
Peter Wang testimonial Peter Wang
PicBackMan is the only feasible way for me to upload a lifetime of photos, already organized in folders by year and subject, to my online backup account. I am getting close to 20,000 images, most of them precious and irreplacable. I am happy to pay jQuery2.99 a month to have full unlimited access to this fantastic service. If I didn't have it, I would be sorting thousands of pictures by hand, which I refuse to do. PicBackMan uploads them with the sort structure intact.
 Daniel Perry testimonial Daniel Perry Your service was excellent. Currently I am travelling around the world and needed an efficient way to back up my photos to the cloud.
Lincoln Trudeau  testimonial Lincoln Trudeau This is an awesome service and I'm really getting a lot of use out of it. It has already saved me many many hours and is really easy to use.
Chris Chris
When Yahoo (and therefore Flickr) got acquired by Verizon, I started to panic. I had 7 years worth of family photos stored on Flickr and no physical or local copies. Flickr is great at letting you download individual images, and even batches of them, but anything over about 100 images becomes unmanageable. Downloading 20,000+ images, even more so. I tried various solutions -- bulk downloader apps, manually creating batches to download, but the process was so time consuming. With this app, I was able to quickly connect it to my Flickr account and have it download thousands of images and just let it run and not worry about it. It's saved me so much time and stress and now I know that if Flickr reaches its end-of-life, I have a backup of years worth of family pictures.
 Buster testimonial Buster Hands down the best & simple product out there for doing what it says it should. I'm a huge fan!
mickthetree testimonial mickthetree Perfect tool for the job. Automatically backs up all of my photos to Flickr. Simple.
 Arek Janik testimonial Natalie Super helpful product when you have little-to-no storage on your computer!
 Matt Dell testimonial Matt Dell I like program and will recommend to my friends and was happy to pay a small price for the Premium when I needed it.
Marisa testimonial Richard Excellent service; I was able to download my images very easily. It saved me hours of work. Would strongly recommend it.
 Arek Janik testimonial Arek Janik I just want to let you know that you're doing a great job and I am recommending the premium service to all my friends.
Ian testimonial Ian
As they say it does everything it says on the tin. I had to use the support team and found them quick to respond to my query and were able to resolve my problems excellent support.
Stephan Steyer testimonial Stephan Steyer It took me a while to find a good solution to copy my original photos from flickr.Lots of terrible solutions,until Ifound PickBackMan. In a couple of days all my 20k photos were transferred perfectly!
 Zuzana testimonial Zuzana it hasn't failed me yet and connects and does exact job as it says. Well done!
Greg Scowen testimonial Greg Scowen ...really well and the software is currently syncing some 15000 hi-res images.
 Nikolay Valaev testimonial Nikolay Valaev ... really excellent product, Thanks a lot. I'm going to use it for a long time.
Migo testimonial Migo
The app has a great concept. I was looking for a reliable app that will run in the background and will upload when idle my photos. Especially while Flickr does not have a proper tool today.
 Asing testimonial Asing AI sought for an easy way make the initial backup to SmugMug. PicBackMan trust it to 'monitor' my laptop for new photo's so every new image is backuped to SmugMug.
Dmitriy Prikhodko testimonial Dmitriy Prikhodko Your app is much better than the upload tools supplied by Flickr. Their app would get interrupted every time I uploaded pictures, causing me to have to re-start my uploads time and time again. It is still the best way to upload...
Brock Brock
I first learned about PicBackMan from Money magazine which I trust inherently. I was mostly interested in the deduping feature since we had thousands of photos from Apple photos over the years that were duplicated. We have a very old apple computer towards the end of its life with thousands more photos that we could not back up probably because of Apple’s control features. Saurav patiently walked me through the process (after hours) and helped me get them uploaded to a new Flickr account. My wife and I have been stewing over this looming project for years and we now have a clear path and have saved this pics that we feared would be lost once this IMAC dies. Words cannot express how thankful I am for PicBackMan and Saurav. I am now a loyal subscriber and will look forward to the next step of consolidating all my photo s in Amazon, Google, etc into one place using PicBackMan. And without Dupes!
 Mari K testimonial Mari K This program is so easy to use and I got so much help from the stuff! I'm so thankful for the founder for being so kind to me! Thank You so much!
Meenakshi Chaudhary  testimonial Meenakshi Chaudhary ...Thanks again for a program that does most of the backup task itself. Every digital camera user should use PBM outstand-ing product! highly recommend it.
Peter Lombard testimonial Peter Lombard
I hesitated to contact support though I didn't expect to get any mail answer within at least a week or so BUT..... got respons within 5 min and then instant teamviewer help when problem wasnt resolved via mail. Really amazing support! Thx.
 Mark West testimonial Mark West PicManBack has far proved to be the most stable uploader I have found
Valerio Lupi testimonial Valerio Lupi thanks for the great service, it really saves a lot of time :)
 Daniel Tremblay testimonial Daniel Tremblay Hey PBM does this perfectly. You add folders... & in one click, it will upload flawlessly.
 Katherine Pair testimonial Katherine Pair Thanks. I have been looking for a tool to upload all my photos to flickr. I finally found PicBackMan and it seems to be working. So far definitely worth the price.
Dan Quigan testimonial Dan Quigan I think you're onto a very good app, it is the best I have found so far. All the best for the future and I'll mention it to friends.
 Wayne testimonial Wayne I used the full version of PicbackMan ... to get the large amount of photos and videos I had transferred to Flickr, it works perfectly and easily. Nice job PicBackMan.
Ashish Desai testimonial Ashish Desai This is a Wonderful Product which I come across till now. The Consolidated interface for each and every Clouds... I ...started using it for Personal Use. Awesome Product.
 Jeremiah Ashley testimonial Jeremiah Ashley @picbackman just what I was looking for! Thanks!
Shizuka Samurai testimonial Shizuka Samurai @picbackman fantastic! Thank you!
 Nikolai Ormazablev testimonial Nikolai Ormazablev @picbackman Love your
service !
 Yatish Mehta testimonial Yatish Mehta started using @picbackman for photo backup its awesome!!!
Herve Farret testimonial Herve Farret Picbackman is excellent and I recommended it to many friends of mine. PicBackMan is Awesome!
Paul testimonial Paul
Priceless! Had I only known you could even migrate online accounts to another provider before I started uploading. Still, it proved to be extremely useful in transferring thousands of pictures to Flickr! Well worth the price!
Abhishek Baxi testimonial Abhishek Baxi The app looks great; although I checked it out while looking for good apps to download flickr photos.
Mike W testimonial Mike W Use this tool! Easy to understand instructions. It will help you manage your photos. Easy and effective.
 Mats Ekelund testimonial Mats Ekelund PicBackman helped me making a back-up copy of all my photos in a short time. Great!
Dave Catmeat testimonial Dave Catmeat I've been
happy with this product.
Does what it says
with no fuss.
 Vladimir G testimonial Vladimir G Great Tool,
very easy to use. uploaded all my 70GB of photos to flickr as a backup.
Julien Charpentier testimonial Julien Charpentier Simple of use and powerfull. I just needed to backup my Flickr account before closing it. Worked like a charm.
Ian testimonial Ian Excellent software backed up with first class support.
 Myles MacRae testimonial Myles MacRae The PicBackMan product
was good and did exactly what I needed it for.
Pierro Marie testimonial Pierro Marie ...thanks for the great tool. Salute and all the best from Berlin I use it gladly and often
 Ben Anderson testimonial Ben Anderson Many thanks for your continued hard work on
this product!
 Paul B. testimonial Paul B. I have now successfully backed up more than 11,000 full resolution photos to my Box account and it worked fine.
Mohammad Amer testimonial Mohammad Amer It is a wonderful tool, really helpful and made my job much easier for storing my tons of pics online (the safest place).
 Harry Bains testimonial Harry Bains The service actually
is brilliant,
exactly what I needed !!
Yada Khov testimonial Yada Khov You guys providing a great service and I will definitely use
you guys again.
 Andrew Wagner testimonial Andrew Wagner I just want to say that this is exact type of program I've been looking for months!
 Tim McNamara testimonial Tim McNamara I think your product is a great idea. Good luck. You have a great app.
Yan testimonial Yan Great and simple application to have multiple backups of my pictures.
 Magnus Olofsson testimonial Magnus Olofsson I am
very happy with PicBackMan
for my PC
 Phil testimonial Phil I have finally got around to uploading my photo archive into the cloud. A daunting prospect that was only feasible by using PicBackMan. It does what it says on the can and it does it without a fuss. Thanks !
Minh testimonial Minh It's very tool to backup photos and video. All my photos and video were uploaded to flickr. I really like it!
Paul T testimonial Paul T
I love this PicBackMan app. It is very convenient and just works. It's great to get my photos into Flickr automatically. Great software!
Cedro Peak testimonial Cedro Peak Thank you for your extremely prompt and detailed response. On that basis alone, PicBacMan has proven it's worth!
Michael Gath testimonial Michael Gath ... I'll be back when I find my need in a online gallery, as I have been very happy with PicMan!
 Balazs Toth testimonial Balazs Toth Dear PicBackMan! I liked your product... Thank you, picbackman was a great help!
Andrew testimonial Andrew I just pick photo folder and start doing something else. The PBM does all the other routine.
 Setu Masalia testimonial Setu Masalia I really love PBM. After ...few softwares I found PBM to be fast, easy and just what I needed..
Tim testimonial Tim Works like it says on the website. Very impressed.
Chris Huff testimonial Chris Huff A great service to keep all my photos backed up! Thanks a ton!
 Stuart Johnson testimonial Stuart Johnson I've only been using PicBackMan for a few days,
but I love it.
Simon Weeksn testimonial Simon Weeksn The only tool I found for reliably upload in bulk & organise folders into Sets.
 Merill Fernando testimonial Merill Fernando I love your Product and have been telling my friends about PicBackMan.
Paul Keck testimonial Paul Keck I looked around quite a bit for software to bulk download photos from SmugMug, and PicBackMan turned out to be the best option. I paid for one month and the software worked as advertised. I’m sure I’ll use it again in the future and recommend to others too!
Devon Holzwarth testimonial Devon Holzwarth I just moved thousands of photos from Flickr to my computer and it was so easy with PicBackMan. It would have taken me weeks to manually move everything from Flickr, but I was finished in three days using PicBackMan software. Thank you!
 Charles Johnston testimonial Charles Johnston Aha, Vaibhav! You are the founder! Wow! It's a great product - I really like it & I am so happy it's working... & making my life easier!
Hoi Yan Wong testimonial Hoi Yan Wong I agreed that Picbackman is a very good software for batch upload
photos, I already uploaded all my photos to Flickr.
 Michael Mackenzie testimonial Michael Mackenzie The software rocks! Getting my pics backed up ws always going to be a pain, but this way saves me time and money. Thank you.
Jean Francois Allot testimonial Jean Francois Allot PicBackman is a great companion, discre-etly uploading my photos in the backgro-und... Thank you for the good work.
Marco Mojarro testimonial Marco Mojarro I feel pretty relaxed after uploading my entire life in Flickr using PicBackMan. 27,622 and counting...
 Stuart testimonial Stuart automatic backups quick and reliable; I used it with Flickr without difficulty.
Mehedy Mizan testimonial Mehedy Mizan nice
 Andrea testimonial Andrea Best program to backup pics to SmugMug! I love it! Very simple use
 Stephen White testimonial Stephen White PicBackMan
great ....
Stuart Lichtman testimonial Stuart Lichtman The PicBackMan program
is fantastic.
 Heather Kersten testimonial Heather Kersten PicBackMan worked great ...
Thanks a bunch!!
 Kendall Crookston testimonial Kendall Crookston Excellent!
I'm already
liking it a lot.
Wynn Le testimonial Wynn Le It's a great product! not promoted enough online for it's capabilities.
 Ricardo Mujica testimonial Ricardo Mujica The application is very easy to use, and no problem to upload a lot of picture.
 Dmitry Isakov testimonial Dmitry Isakov the programm is cool and I like it!
Lorraine Cook testimonial Lorraine Cook Love the
 Peg Elmer testimonial Peg Elmer This looks like an amazing product!
 William Broderick testimonial William Broderick Great service guys! Thanks. If I need you again, I'll definitely use you guys..
William Brown testimonial William Brown Your product worked great, ...
and best of luck.
 Alopekis testimonial Alopekis I've been using
your product and am quite happy with it so far.
 Michael Pollard testimonial Michael Pollard Your program works great.
Kevin VanRiper testimonial Kevin VanRiper The application is nice.
 David Gordon testimonial David Gordon Appreciate nstant support :-)
 Dmitriy Prikhodko testimonial Dmitriy Prikhodko Great service guys! PicBackMan is great product. I like ur product.
Daniel testimonial Daniel ...files that you have chosen and most of your locations within "clouds".
 Alexander Smoljanski testimonial Alexander Smoljanski The service is very good
and I will recommend it to my friends.
 Adam P testimonial Adam P It's a good software :-).
Tyler Bullock testimonial Tyler Bullock You guys ROCK.
 Mahesh testimonial Mahesh This looks awesome!!!!!!!
 Jai Hwa Cat testimonial Jai Hwa Cat PicBackMan
is most great application, it help me more ..
Steve testimonial Steve great way of uploading pictures (>25.500)with an excellent hotline
 Marc testimonial Marc Good idea.
 Reino Baptista testimonial Reino Baptista Great software. Automate and chill out, that's the moto...
Jorge Torres testimonial Jorge Torres I like
very much the product
 fernando alcada testimonial fernando alcada pretty cool
Gerard Scully testimonial Gerard Scully
Excellent upload, met all my expectations
Miles testimonial Miles efficient, easy to use, very reasonably priced and great support.

253+ Reviews & Counting

Kip Roof testimonial Kip Roofgoogle photos flickr
PicBackMan does exactly what it's supposed to. It's quick and efficient. It runs unobtrusively in the background and has done an excellent job of uploading more than 300GB of photos to 2 different services. After having lost a lot of personal memories to a hard drive crash, it's nice to know that my photos are safe in 2 different places.
Julia Alyea Farella testimonialJulia Alyea Farella smugmug
LOVE this program! Works better than ANY other program out there that I have found to upload thousands of pictures WITH SUB-FOLDERS to SmugMug! Thank you so much for what you do! :) #happycustomer
Pausing Motion testimonialPausingMotionsmugmug
I pointed PicBackMan at a directory structure, and next time I looked - all the photos had uploaded! Pretty cool. I use SmugMug and while I really like it, the process of creating directories in is pretty laborious when you need to make 80+ at a time. This was a breeze. Thank you!
Gavin Whitham testimonialGavin Whithamflickr
PicBackMan was really easy to setup and has been running for 3 days now backing up all my locally saved photos to Flickr. My photos are really valuable to me so it's great to be able to have them easily backed up to a secure location.
 Jim Griffin testimonialJim Griffinsmugmug
It's AWESOME!! I have tens of thousands of pictures...and they are now successfully uploaded to SmugMug, where they are safely backed up, and I can edit and organize them. If you are hesitating about using PicBackMan, hesitate no longer...try it...and you'll be glad you did!!