How to make a scrapbook for your baby boy?

A naught hurricane running around the house making you scream for help? Now that’s your dear baby boy! Mothers around the world would agree what a task it is to raise a boy. And what better way to preserve all these memories than to make a scrapbook for your beloved boy.

If you think making a scrapbook for a boy could be a very dull affair since there isn’t much to work with as compared to girls, then think again. There are loads of creative scrapbooking ideas you can work with. And your boy will love every page of it once he grows up.

So let’s start exploring ways to bring an extra zing to the scrapbook and its layout.

1. Avoid colors which are usually associated with girls – namely pink. Go for the safe color blue. Or be a little creative and select pages in green, violet or grey. Remember, don’t choose colors which YOU like, instead choose the ones which your boy will most likely appreciate years later.

2. You can give it all photos a creative twist by framing them in denim. Use old jeans or denim jackets and skirts to cut out frames. Different shades of blue will add depth to the scrapbook and make the layout stand out. Also this is a great way of recycling old denims.

3. Boys are crazy about cars and video games. So take pictures of all toy cars they have played with during their childhood. Also capture them while playing video games, or preserve the covers of the CDs or games they play and paste it in the scrapbook. A sense of nostalgia will envelope your boy when he grows up and sees how you preserved these memories for him.

4. Take picture of your boy next to a 6-foot scale each year and when he stops growing in height, make a collage of all those pictures to see how phenomenally he grew right in front of your eyes!

5. Avoid over-embellishment. Boys don’t like that. Decoration is a girl’s forte and while it is alright to go overboard with a girl’s scrapbook, it is best to be understated in a boy’s case.

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