SmugMug to Flickr

PicBackMan is the fastest and simplest way to migrate & transfer your photos from SmugMug to Flickr.

Simply the best way to move your photos & videos

When you want to transfer your photos & videos from your SmugMug account to your Flickr account, PicBackMan gives you everything you’ve wanted & more.

  • Maintain album structure. Replicate actual album structure while migration.
  • Privacy. All Flickr migration are marked PRIVATE.
  • Comprehensive migration. Migrate entire SmugMug collection to Flickr.
  • Compress free. Migrate photos & videos with actual size.
  • Live reporting. Experience actual migration count of files.
  • Automatic error handling. Migration error will be handled automatically.

And a lot more. Don’t find a feature here? Email us at & we will confirm.

0 to Migrate in 60 Seconds

Yes, you can literally setup the transfer of photos from SmugMug to Flickr in a matter of 60 seconds. Take a look.

Download PicBackMan for your Mac or PC and set it up - takes just 60 seconds. Create your account and you are ready to start migrating your photos from SmugMug to Flickr. PicBackMan is free to start and you can upgrade to paid versions if and when required.

Download & Login

Login to PicBackMan and hit the Migrate icon at the top to open the migration screen. Then click the “Choose Account to Migrate” and select the source account where you want to migrate your photos from. Once you choose this, it will appear on the list and you can then choose the account where you’d like to migrate to (including your own PC) by clicking the correct check box. You can migrate to multiple accounts at once too.

Choose Accounts & Define Migration

Then sit back and see the migration of your photos and videos from source account to destination happening right in front of you - the status bar shows you the activity and counts. For large migrations it does take time so you can let it happen and go about your other tasks. PicBackMan doesn’t need monitoring at all.

See it in action

Do you have a very large collection of photos to migrate from SmugMug to Flickr? Do you need specialized help to setup, track and ensure a complete and loss-less migration? Then simply hit the “Migrate with MigrateMan” button to initiate a request to migrate with our Migrate Concierge service.

Need more? Ask MigrateMan
Lincoln testimonial Lincoln

     This service has saved me countless hours. I wanted to use Flickr to backup my pictures and videos but Flickr doesn't recognize folder structure and it would have taken a long time to re-create all those separate folders one-by-one on Flickr. PicBackMan made this whole process VERY easy. I just had to click the folders I wanted and start uploading and let it go. Literally a few minutes of work and PicBackMan did the rest; I could just the uploading continue while I was at work. Now all my pictures and videos are backed up and what would have been a labour-intensive process was effortless. This program helped me immensely and I would definitely recommend it.