How to make a scrapbook for your Grandmother?

Ask a child who is the most adorable person in his or her life and the answer would almost always be “my grandma”. And that is why a scrapbook gifted by a grandchild would be more precious to any woman than any diamond necklace.

Encourage your child to make a scrapbook about their grandparents, especially grandma. She has a wealth of experience and memories and making a scrapbook which can encompass all those years can be a tedious task.

Where to start can itself be a brain-scratcher. What to include and what not to. Where to source all the relevant material? Questions like these should not discourage you from going ahead with this amazing plan.

1. Chances are that your grandmother might not have many pictures of her childhood and adult life. And she only would be in possession of most of them. So how do you ask her to give you those pictures without spoiling the surprise? Simple! Ask her to give you those pictures so that you can scan it and make an backup of those precious moments. And while you are at it, DO MAKE A BACKUP.

2. Ask other relatives and friends of your grandmother to provide you with her pictures which they might have in their personal albums. Once you have scanned the snaps, select the ones which were big moments in your grandma’s life. Like pictures of her school time, college days, courtship and wedding ceremony etc.

3. Since pictures would be in short supply, add other elements related to her, like her favourite recipe. She is bound to have a couple of them which everyone craves for during holidays. Include those, possibly with pictures of a family member cooking it in present day.

4. Grandma would sure have written lots of letters in her time. Get hold of those letters. If you can lay your hands on one written to or by grandpa, then you have stuck gold.

5. Keep the theme of the scrapbook retro, with faded papers and sepia pictures. This will make her nostalgic for sure!

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