How to batch download Flickr photos?

Flickr is one of the most popular and widely used photos sharing and hosting website in the world. It not just allows you to store your photos in original resolution, but also facilitate you to share them with your friends online.

If you are a photographer, then Flickr is one of the most acknowledged platforms where you can showcase your creativity and participate in competitions. You can also be a part of Flickr community where people share photography tips and tricks.

You can batch upload photos from your computer to your 1 TB Flickr account, however, batch downloading full size photos from Flickr for backup is not possible. Although you can take help of any third party tools or application in order to batch download Flickr photos in full resolution.

To batch download photos from Flickr, follow the steps below:

1. Download any FREE third party application tool (like PicBackMan) on your computer system.

2. Install it and register your account.

3. Associate your Flickr account with the application by providing your Flickr login details.

4. See if it allows you to select Flickr albums / sets to download on your computer.

5. Specify a location on your computer where software will store / backup Flickr photos.

6. This is how you batch download photos from your Flickr account to your desktop.

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