Advantages of making a digital scrapbook

Want to make a scrapbook but are unsure whether to go for a traditional hardbound scrapbook or make a digital one?

Then look no further as we tell you the advantages of making a digital scrapbook. Of course the old-fashioned paper scrapbook will score high on sentimental value, but here is what tips the balance in a digital scrapbook’s favor:

1. Unlimited pages: You are not restricted by the size of a book or the number of pages in it. You can create your own personalised scrapbook with the desirable page size. Flexibility in terms of adding more pages is a plus-point.

2. Everyone saves pictures on their computer or in some digital format. Rarely do you see them taking prints of the photos. Since everything is in your computer or laptop, it makes sense to make a scrapbook also in digital format.

3. You can instantaneously add effects to a picture or crop it to suit your design. For instance, you can increase the brightness or contrast of dull photos or give them effects like sepia.

4. In a hardbound scrapbook, you are restricted in terms of size. And once you order a print for a particular picture, it is a waste of time or money to get another one done just because you changed the layout.

5. Storing it in your machine or saving it online on a scrapbook-making website leaves you assured that it is safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about it taking space in your bookshelf, or dust or termites damaging it. I

6. It will never look old. It won’t fade, sunlight won’t effect it, water and moisture won’t damage it and dust won’t rob it off it’s sheen.

7. You can carry it around all the time. Save it in your smart phone or online, so that wherever you go, you can show it off to all your friends and colleagues.

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