Tips to create an amazing photo collage

Creating a photo collage is a fun activity to indulge in. It can be a family's weekend activity to create or a pass-time for people who have nothing to do over the weekends. People of all age-groups can try their hands on creating a collage. These photo collages can be great gift items for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and sent-offs.

Creating a collage is a bit time consuming and tiring. Doing it manually require more efforts than doing it with the help of a software. But, if you do not have that creative eye, you might just end up lining images in rows and columns. And the whole thing may not look the way you wanted to be.

If you are planning to create an amazing photo collage for someone special or for your home, here are some tips for you.

1. Colors: When you create a collage make sure that the photos you choose complement each other. The color scheme should blend in perfectly and are appealing to the eyes. Do not put together colors that clash with each other. Choose photos in contrasting colors or you may also arrange the colors in a pattern around the collage.

2. Theme : We advise you to create a collage based on a theme. Select photos that best describe it. For example; creating a photo collage for your Grand Ma's birthday an include all family pictures from around a decade. Her wedding pictures, first vacation etc. Similarly if its your brother's birthday, you can select photos highlighting last year's events in his life.

3. Size: Choosing the size of photos is important. You can work with a mix of sizes. If you want to highlight any particular photo use a large size for it. The layout does affect the photos you choose. First finalize the pattern, then select photos (of different sizes) and then prepare a rough draft to see how it looks.

4. Layout : Another important part is the layout. Like we said earlier the size of the photos you choose affects your layout and vice versa. The layout affects the color flow and the whole appeal. The photos that you want to be prominent should be placed in the center and should stand out

5. Border & Frames: Borders and frames help you add an extra edge to our photo collage. If you se a common color in your photos, that goes pretty well with the photos, use it as the border of your photo collage. You can use accent and symbols to add that extra edge.

Bonus Tip: You can also use words or phrases (that describe photos), stickers & stamps to add that extra spice to your collage.

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