How to bulk download Flickr photos to your computer?

Though there are many photo sharing platforms available to us, but nothing comes close to Flickr. Specifically in terms of functionality and the huge storage space that it offers. Last year Yahoo! announced that Flickr will now offer each of its user 1 TB of FREE storage space. Which is way higher than what its competitors are offering.

If you are a regular Flickr user, chances are that you upload photos way to frequently and by now might have 1000s of photos in your Flickr account. There may come a time when you need to download photos from your Flickr account to your computer. Downloading Flickr photos to your desktop is a little tricky and cumbersome task if you do it manually. Because Flickr doesn't allow you to bulk download photos to your computer.

You can not actually directly bulk download photos straight from Flickr account. You need a third party application to bulk download photos from Flickr. Good thing is that there are some pretty good and easy to use options available for bulk downloading photos from Flickr all at once.

So, to start your bulk download do the following:

1. Download any FREE third party application tool (like PicBackMan) on your computer system.

2. Install it and register your account.

3. Associate your Flickr account with the application by providing your Flickr login details.

4. See if it allows you to select Flickr albums / sets to download on your computer.

5. Specify a location on your computer where software will store / backup Flickr photos.

6. This is how you bulk download photos from your Flickr account to your desktop.

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