How to prepare a daddy-specific scrapbook?

We all tend to forget the other significant person in a child’s life while making a scrapbook --- the father! Let’s face it, since mostly moms are creative, they tend to include more about themselves and the kid while they are making a scrapbook of their wards. Which is a natural tendency since they spend more time with them.

But each child equally looks up to a father as he/she does to mother. And so a daddy-specific scrapbook is just the way to make it up to them. Let the mom be behind the camera for a change and dad take the center-stage with the kids.

Here are some easy tips to make a creative dads-only scrapbook

1. All pictures should be of dad with the children. Right from the time of birth, where he is always there to help you with changing the diapers, to the time he takes care of your kid’s homework, preserve each moment through photographs.

2. Collect all father’s day cards that kids give him and paste them in the scrapbook to brighten up the layout. If the cards are too large to fit into your scrapbook, then cut the handwritten part and paste that.

3. Ask your kid(s) to make a drawing of their dad each year. With every passing year, their drawing is sure to get better, with each one resembling daddy better. You can all have a good laugh years later when you see the collage of all those drawings.

4. Record all the important events in your husband’s professional life alongside your kid’s. So like if there is a particular month that your child won a competition and around the same time your husband gets a promotion at work, then celebrate both occasion with equal pomp and fair.

5. Select a pose for daddy and kids--- preferably a funny one, and replicate it year after year to make a memorable and bone-tickling collage.

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