How to backup photos to Flickr from Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile application designed for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones & devices. The Instagram App allows user to click pictures, apply filters & effect and then share it with friends on Instagram.

You can also share your Instagram photos to social networking sites like, Facebook & Twitter, photo sharing sites like SmugMug, Flickr & Picasa. As soon as you click picture, you can instantly share them on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr & Twitter. Although, you can also use other tools and apps to upload your Instagram photos to your Flickr account.

Backup Photos to Flickr from Instagram

1. PicBackMan : PicBackMan is a third party application that facilitates users to directly backup Photos to Flickr from Instagram. PicBackMan is a desktop application that requires you to associate your Flickr and Instagram accounts. Once the accounts are associated, PicBackMan quickly migrate & Backup your Instagram photos to your Flickr account.

2. Flickstagram : Flickstagram is a Flickr application that imports all your Instagram photos to your Flickr account in just few clicks. All you need to do is, sign in with both your Instagram and Flickr account, choose a privacy level for the photos, and click 'Go' button. When done, all your Instagrams should appear in a Flickr set titled ‘Instagram Photos’.

3. Download Instagram photos and upload manually. Through an Instagram Photo downloader, download all your Instagram photos on your computer and then upload them manually to your Flickr Account. This way you can have control over the uploading process by uploading selected instagram images discarding the rest. But, this process is time consuming and that's the biggest disadvantage.

4. Free the Photo: Free the photo is another app that allows you to migrate Instagram photos to your Flickr account. Here too you will have to sign in to both your Instagram & Flickr account, Check mark where it says “Alert me once my migration finishes”. Then provide the email address where you’ll receive an alert when all your Instagram photos are uploaded to your Flickr account. Click the 'Free Your Photos button' and that's it, you are done.

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