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How to Customize a SmugMug Site?

SmugMug is a popular photo sharing and image hosting platform that offers extensive options for customizing and personalizing your website. With SmugMug’s flexible design tools, you can create a site that truly reflects your brand, style, and personality. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the customization options available and how to leverage them to design your ideal SmugMug site.


Choosing a Theme

SmugMug offers several professionally designed themes to choose from as a starting point when creating your site. Consider the overall look and feel you want to convey when selecting a theme.

Portfolio Themes

Portfolio themes put the focus on your images with minimal design elements. These uncluttered layouts are ideal for photographers and other visual artists who want their work to take center stage. Some popular portfolio themes include Vim, Ratio, Purity, and Aura.

Magazine Themes

Magazine themes include more robust layout options like sidebars, menus, and widgets to display text and meta content alongside images. Magazine themes lend themselves well to multi-page gallery sites. Minimal, Nimble, Tracks, and Publisher are good magazine-style themes.

E-Commerce Themes

If you plan on selling prints or digital downloads through your SmugMug site, choose an e-commerce theme like Market, Outpost, or Boutique. These themes make it easy for visitors to browse products and make purchases.


Customizing Colors

One of the easiest ways to put your own spin on a SmugMug theme is to customize the colors. Here’s how to update the colors to match your brand palette:

Site-Wide Colors

In the Theme Editor, you can globally change the primary and secondary colors that appear across your SmugMug site. Choose colors that complement your logo and brand aesthetic.

Text and Background Colors

For more granular control, go to the Design Settings to pick text and background colors for all the main areas of your site like galleries, pages, sidebars, menus, and widgets.

Accent Colors

Try updating the accent colors used on buttons, badges, borders, and other UI elements. Change accent colors to draw attention to key areas of your site.



Don’t overlook the importance of typography in customizing your SmugMug theme. Adjusting the fonts can drastically change the tone and impact of your galleries.

Font Families

SmugMug offers an excellent selection of web-safe fonts in a variety of styles like serif, sans serif, display, and handwritten. Browse the font options to find ones that align with your creative vision.

Font Sizing

Make conscious choices about font sizing for all the content on your site – from photo titles to menus to sidebars. Consider readability along with aesthetics when adjusting font sizes.

Custom Fonts

For a truly signature look, you can upload custom web fonts files to your SmugMug theme. Using a branded font for your site can help reinforce recognition of your personal or business brand.


Design Elements

Take advantage of SmugMug’s powerful design features to add visual elements that enhance your site navigation, branding, and layout.


Upload a custom header image to brand the top of your site consistent with your logo and style. A header draws visitors in and clearly identifies your site.


Display your logo prominently in the top corner of your theme to establish brand recognition. You can upload SVG or image files for crisp logos at any size.


Customize top navigation menus to help visitors easily access important pages and sections of your SmugMug site. Adjust menu labels, styles, and placement.


Like headers, footers provide branding real estate and space for secondary navigation. Add your bio, social links, contact info, sitemap, or newsletter sign-ups.


Strategically place widgets like About, Contact, and Social Media to share information and connect with your audience. Widget areas vary based on theme.


Optimizing Images

A SmugMug site lives and dies by the quality of its images. Follow these tips to ensure your photos look their absolute best.

Upload in High Resolution

Always upload your full-resolution image files to SmugMug. The platform will automatically resize and optimize images for each use case.

Enhance and Edit

Take time to color correct, crop for impact, apply artistic filters, and creatively edit your photos. Great images engage viewers and keep them exploring your galleries.

Add Descriptions

Include titles, captions, keywords, location data, and other descriptions to give your photos context and help them get discovered in search results.

Display Settings

Adjust gallery speeds, enable fullscreen viewing, allow downloading, and use watermarks to control how visitors experience your images.

Image Size

Scale your photos appropriately for each page and layout element. Feature impactful large hero images alongside smaller thumbnails and previews.


Leveraging SmugMug Commerce

Sell your images, videos, and other digital media through your customized SmugMug site. Tap into built-in e-commerce capabilities.

Sell Prints

Offer your photos as high-quality art prints in various substrates, sizes, finishes, and framing options. Print fulfillment is handled by SmugMug.

Market Digital Files

Sell licenses for digital downloads so clients can purchase and use your photos, videos, or graphics on their sites and platforms.

Accept Payments

Set your own prices and take payments directly and securely through SmugMug. Get paid immediately when orders are placed.

Manage Inventory

Link SmugMug to your Fulfillment House account to automatically sync product availability between the platforms.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilize SmugMug analytics to track visits, album views, print orders, average order value, best selling products, and more key e-commerce metrics.


Driving Traffic with SEO

A customized SmugMug site provides built-in SEO advantages, but there are additional steps you can take to improve search visibility and performance.

Meta Information

Craft compelling custom page titles, descriptions, and other metadata to provide context and improve click-through rates for organic search listings.

URL Structures

Create logical, keyword-rich page and gallery URLs by using descriptive labels in your menu and album naming.

Alt Text

Fill out the alternative text field for all your photos to help search engines better understand image content and improve rankings.


Generate XML sitemaps to submit to search engines so they can more easily crawl and index all the pages on your SmugMug site.

External Links

Link to authority domains from blog posts and other text content to demonstrate relevance and increase referral traffic. But don’t over-optimize!


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Promoting Your Site

Combine your custom SmugMug site design with targeted marketing and social media efforts to attract visitors and share your work.

Email Newsletters

Send email updates, special offers, and sneak peeks to engage your subscriber base and encourage return visits. Integrate with providers like MailChimp.

Social Posting

Promote new galleries and favorite images via social networks. Share natively from SmugMug or manually post custom graphics and captions.

Paid Ads

Consider investing in paid ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to get your SmugMug site in front of new targeted audiences. Focus on relevant interests and demographics.

Embed Galleries

Embed striking SmugMug galleries on your blog, portfolio site, or other web properties you own to showcase your visual content everywhere.

Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with bloggers, brands, and other influencers to create co-branded galleries and campaigns to tap into new networks and followers.


Continuously Test and Optimize

Customizing your SmugMug site is an ongoing process. Make regular tweaks and test new options to keep improving the user experience.

Try New Themes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new themes, then incorporate elements you like into your main theme. Testing themes can spark fresh design ideas.

Monitor Analytics

Keep a close eye on visitor behavior in your SmugMug analytics. Identify high-performing pages and galleries to double down on what works.

Ask for Feedback

Solicit honest input from clients, peers, and users about what they like and don’t like. Feedback is invaluable for improving your site.

Check Mobile

With more mobile usage, constantly check how your SmugMug site looks on phones. Optimize images and menus for smaller screens.

Update Content

Add new galleries and photos regularly to give repeat visitors fresh content. An outdated or stale site will lose visitor interest.



The possibilities are endless when customizing a SmugMug site. Take advantage of the platform’s flexible options to create a site as unique as your photographs. Follow this guide to transform a basic SmugMug theme into a beautiful, functional, and brand-building showcase. With a customized design, seamless user experience, engaging content, and strategic marketing, your SmugMug site will draw eyes from around the world to admire your inspiring images.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my SmugMug theme?

You can access and edit your SmugMug theme by going to Customize Design. Click through the various sections like Colors, Fonts, Header to update the different elements of your theme.

What image size should I upload?

Always upload the full, original resolution images to SmugMug. The platform will resize and optimize the images automatically for each use case. Keep the original files as a master copy.

Can I change fonts in SmugMug?

Yes, SmugMug offers full typography customization options. You can select font families, sizes, and colors for all the different text elements on your SmugMug site.

How do I add my logo?

You can easily upload your logo by going to Customize Design => Logo. Upload your logo as an SVG or high-resolution PNG file for optimal quality.

What are the best themes for photographers?

Top themes for photographers include: Aura, Ratio, Vim, Slant, Adore, Altitude, Aperture, Perspective, and Ethos. Choose a minimalist portfolio theme to make your photos shine.

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