Can We Backup Instagram Photos to Cloud?

Yes, off-course you can backup your Instagram photos onto cloud services. Cloud storage are best as an offsite backup location. They are safe, secure and easily accessible from any location with an internet connection. There are various cloud storage providers that offer a range of free as well as paid plans to store and backup your digital data. Now a days they are very popular amongst people who have been searching for a place where they can store & backup their data.

So, if you are looking for some cloud storage options to backup your Instagram photos, we are here to help you. Following we have listed four of the most reliable and trusted cloud storage service providers where you can easily and effortlessly backup your Instagram photos.

Backup Instagram Photos to Dropbox

Dropbox is one such cloud service which is responsible for popularizing ‘cloud storage’ & ‘File syncing’ terms. It works brilliantly on all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Linux. Dropbox offers you a free 2GB of storage space. Whereas, every referral can help you earn an additional 500MB per person, which goes up to 16GB.They do have other paid plans which you can buy as per your need.

Backup Instagram Photos to Google Drive

Google Drive’s USP lies in ‘real-time online file collaboration’ that it brings through web apps. Google Drive’s free version offers you 5GB of storage space which is apt for backing up your Instagram photos. If you need a bigger storage space, you can choose from Google Drive’s paid plans which starts from as low as $2.49 per month for 25GB and goes up till $799.99 per month for 16TB of storage space.

Backup Instagram Photos to Skydrive / Onedrive

Skydrive / Onedrive is a cloud service from Microsoft. It has been hosting people’s data since five years, It works on all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Except Linux & Blackberry. It can work on Linux system via ‘Storage Made Easy client’ and via several 3rd party clients for Blackberry. Skydrive  / Onedrive is also one of the trusted and reliable cloud service where you can backup Instagram photos.

Backup Instagram Photos to Box

If you are looking for an easy and simple file-syncing service to backup your Instagram photos, then Box is the solution for you. Their free version offers you 5GB of storage space. People looking for a bigger storage space can choose from their paid plans. Their paid versions starts from $9.99 per month for 25GB and goes as high as $19.99 / mo for 50GB. It works on all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Except for Linux.

How to Backup Instagram photos to cloud storage services (like Dropbox, Box, Skydrive / Onedrive, Google Drive etc.)

1. Go to and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an IFTTT account, then create one.
2. Once you have created / signed in to your account, go to your dashboard and click on ‘Create a Recipe’.
3. Click on ‘this’ link, and now choose ‘Instagram’ as your trigger channel.
4. IFTTT will now ask for permission to access ‘Instagram’ account.
5. Next thing you need to do is choose a trigger, which in this case will be ‘Any new photo by you’ then click on the ‘Create Trigger’ button.
6. Next step is to click on ‘that’ tab, then click ‘View all Channels’ to select any one of the available channels. You can either choose ‘SkyDrive / Onedrive’, or ‘Google Drive’, or ‘Box’, or ‘Dropbox’ channel to backup your Instagram photos.
7. Activate your channel i.e. and give IFTTT access to your ‘SkyDrive / Onedrive’, or ‘Google Drive’, or , ‘Box’, or ‘Dropbox’ account.
8. Once your hannel is activated, close the tab and continue to your recipe by picking ‘SkyDrive / Onedrive’, or ‘Google Drive’, or , ‘Box’, or ‘Dropbox’ as your action channel.
9. Select ‘Add file from URL’ as your action, and click ‘Create Action’ button.
10. Now click on the ‘Create Recipe’ button to save your new recipe and turn it on.

Now, when you add a photo to your Instagram, a copy of it will be backed up on your ‘SkyDrive / Onedrive’, or ‘Google Drive’, or , ‘Box’, or ‘Dropbox’ account.

Backup Instagram Photos to Cloud Using PicBackMan :

If the above listed IFTTT recipe sounds complicated, then you can try PicBackMan to backup your Instagram photos to either one or all of the above listed cloud services.

1. On Accounts tab, associate your Instagram and Cloud service account(s).

2. Go to Migrate tab and click on ‘Associate Account’ button. Now select Instagram from the dropdown list of associated accounts and click save.

3. Now you’ll see an Instagram icon on the window and corresponding it various check boxes for various online services.

4. In order to migrate photos to your Cloud storage account(s), select the check box(es) corresponding to Cloud service account(s).

5. Now click ‘Migrate’ button that you see at the bottom of the window.

6. All your Instagram photos will now be migrated to your cloud account(s).


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