How to make a Mother’s Day scrapbook?

A scrapbook is an excellent gift idea for your beloved mom for Mother’s Day. Instead of hunting for a good gift in gift galleries, most of which have stuff which your mom can’t use anyway, why not put in some effort and make a scrapbook.

You do not have to be a craft genius to make a scrapbook. You would need the supplies to make one though, which are cheap and easily available in stationary shops. A scrapbook, adhesive, coloured paper and pens, and some stickers for embellishment --  and you are ready to start scrapbooking!

1. Collect things that would make a mother’s day scrapbook special. Hunt for your mother’s old and rare pictures, along with new ones which were taken on a special occasion.

2. If it’s a last minute scrapbook, then there obviously isn’t much time to hunt for things from your mother’s childhood or the time she spent before marriage with her friends. So go for things that can be easily managed at the last moment, like messages from her friends who are also mothers.

3. Organize all that you have and decide on a layout. You can either get a ready-made scrapbook, or make one by buying pages and then getting them bound.

4. Start pasting the photos and messages on the pages. Handwritten messages or captions on each page and embellish with things your mother likes to do. For example, if she is into sewing, then decorate pages with buttons and ribbons. If she is into reading, then bookmarks and sale stickers of bookstores would do the trick.

5. If making a traditional scrapbook looks like too much hassle for you, then go for a digital scrapbook. Many websites give you the space and creative help to make a scrapbook. You can also use MS Powerpoint to make a slideshow, in which you can use her favourite song as background music. 

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