What is ‘Migrate’ tab for?

Remember, when Yahoo! announced that its photo-sharing service, Flickr, will now offer all users 1TB of free space? Everyone wanted to migrate their photos from other services to Flickr. This is when PicbackMan’s ‘Migrate’ feature ‘comes in handy’. You can seamlessly migrate 1000s of your photos from one service to another or to your computer system effortlessly.

PicBackMan allows you to migrate your entire photo collection from one service to other services like SmugMug, Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr, Skydrive / Onedrive, Box, Photobucket, Facebook, Google Drive, Youtube, Amazon S3 or your computer in just one go.

Just few clicks and you are good to go. Set it and forget it. PicBackMan does the rest for you.

1. Click ‘Choose Account to Migrate’ and select the account you wish to migrate photos from.

2. Check mark services where you want to migrate photos. And then click ‘Migrate’ button at the bottom of the window.


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PicBackMan is a free photo/video uploader that helps you to keep your memories backed up to your favorite online services.

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Kip Roof

   ... an excellent job of uploading more then 300GB of photos to 2 different services