How to backup Flickr photos on computer?

Out of all the other photo sharing websites, Flickr is the most popular one. This website allows you to upload images for free up to a limit of 1TB. Now, with such a huge storage space, we tend to upload lots and lots of photos. But what if something goes wrong with your account? Or what if you accidentally delete these many photos? The only solution to problems like these is a photo backup. You can now backup all your Flickr photos effortlessly on to your computer using our ‘Migrate’ tool. Just set it and forget it, PicBackMan will automatically backup all your Flickr photos to your computer.

Below we have listed step by step procedure to backup Flickr photos.

1. Connect your Flickr account from ACCOUNTS tab.

2. Go to MIGRATE tab and click on MIGRATE ACCOUNT button, then click the check box next to Flickr, and then click SAVE.

3. You will now see Flickr icon on the window. Now click on CHECKBOX corresponding to MY COMPUTER.

4. Now click on MIGRATE button.

Note that PHOTO and VIDEO upload shouldn’t be running. Also, it might take time for migration to complete depending on a number of photos you have in your Flickr account.

Here’s the video tutorial you can refer to

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