How to upload high resolution photos to your Google Photos account using the “Unlimited Storage” option?

Google Photos offers free unlimited storage for your photos but when you upload high resolution photos via the web, Google Photos automatically saves them in “high quality” format which does not use the “free unlimited storage” – that is mainly used when photos are stored in compressed quality.

So in order to upload high res photos to Google Photos AND still use the “free unlimited storage” here’s what you must do:

1. Upload any and all photos from your Mac or Windows machine to Google Photos with PicBackMan.

2. All your photos get uploaded to the Google Photos account and consume the 15GB free storage (not the “free unlimited storage).

3. Once the upload is complete, log in to your Google Photos account, go to settings and click “Recover Storage” and choose option “High Quality”. This removes the photos from the 15GB storage and moves them under Google Photos’ “free unlimited storage”.

4. You can continue to do this process with each of your uploads and leverage the “free unlimited storage” offered by Google Photos.

PicBackMan is the fastest and simplest way to upload to Google Photos and you can download it for free here.

Here’s is a full end to end video of how to do the above 1-4 process. For questions, please email us at

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