These Tips Will Help You Click Night Time Photos The Right Way. And You Won’t Believe How Simple It Is.

Clicking photos during daytime is way easier than clicking photos during night time. There isn’t much to do while clicking photos in day-light, but clicking at night can be challenging. Setting up the flash, shutter speed, exposure, low light capturing, capturing city lights and capturing fireworks is challenging but not impossible. With some tips and tricks, you can master the art of clicking photos during night time. Keeping some points in mind and practicing them over and over, again and again, can help you improve your nighttime photographing skills.

What comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas? Vibrant & colorful buildings, lit-up streets, casinos etc. right? Photographing night captures the liveliness of a city in the best way. Well, if you struggle to get that perfect night shot of the city, or the fireworks or the nightlife, we would recommend you to read following tips. It will not only help you click the best night shots but will also help you become a better photographer.

Tips to Help You Click Night Time Photos:

  • If Low light then long exposure – While shooting in low light keep in mind that the shutter speed that ensures a good exposure will usually be too long to avoid camera shake when hand holding the camera. To avoid any kind of camera shake, if possible use a tripod. It becomes easy to shoot at these long exposure times. If you do not have a tripod, see if you can find some kind of stand lamp-post or a place to support your camera to take long exposure night shots.
  • The other alternative of shooting with long exposure is trying switching to a higher ISO. Most of the digital cameras these days cope high ISO settings. High ISO helps you take photos with minimal noise or blurring. It is best for shooting buildings & nightlife at night.
  • Do not trust the LCD screen on your camera when shooting at night: Your Camera’s LCD screen is a group of little lights that make a picture. So, when you look at your screen in dark, you won’t be able to see anything clear. But, once you have taken the shot, the screen makes the photo seem much brighter than it really is.
  • Tweak your aperture settings at night: While most of the photographers use f/16 aperture setting for landscape photography during the daytime. This aperture setting helps to get the full depth of field. However, during the night it is impractical because there is not enough light. So, if you change your aperture setting from f/16 to f/4 or f/5.6 you would be able to capture better night shots as compared to the shots taken in f/16.
  • White Balance: Changing the white balance setting in your camera can help you get better colors in the sky as compared to default white-balance settings. It may also help you see other details that go missing in the plain dark black sky.
  • Check how aperture affects your light sources: Clicking night shots isn’t easy. There are different light sources in your night photography. Stopping down your aperture will take a longer time to get the photo and at the same time, it will create a star-burst like an effect around the light source. See how your aperture settings affect the end results.
  • Shoot in RAW: Shooting in RAW gives you more exposure and control over your images than shooting in .jpeg or any other format. There is a huge scope of post-processing and experimenting. RAW image files store more information as compared to other formats. The only disadvantage of shooting in RAW is the file size. They are too big when compared to .jpegs etc.
  • Choose the manual mode: The manual mode on your camera helps you shoot well-exposed images. Plus you can control shutter speed, ISO settings, and the aperture speed.

Hope these tips help you click better night pictures. Long exposure is the key to take best night shots. It enhances whatever you click. Our advice when you shoot in the night is to use a tripod or some steady base because long exposure requires a really still camera.

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