How to Create a Dramatic Photo Wall Display?

Want to create a dramatic photo wall display to show off your family photos? Creating a dramatic photo wall display in your home will help you add that wow factor to the overall home decor. Choosing identical frame styles is a great way to make a powerful design statement. Matching frames, sizes, colors (of the pictures or frames), or textures is a way to play with symmetry and bring your display together. You can choose to mix up various styles and a combination of shadow boxes and framed works etc. to add a unique style to the whole photo wall presentation. A mixture of textures and patterns is always pleasing to the eye (when done in moderation).

Have a focal point in your display. Its center should be at eye level (66″ off the ground is a good rule of thumb). Instead of one big arrangement of photos, you could also create several groupings of smaller framed pictures that will complement your furniture and floor coverings. Another option is producing the impression of a single dramatic image by framing similar pictures or pieces of art (like a series of abstract paintings) in similarly-sized frames and hanging them tightly together. Wall color plays a big part in how photographs look. Take a hint from museums and use a contrast color to add drama. Pictures and/or artwork don’t always have to be framed. You could hang unframed prints or pictures from a length of wire with clips for an unconventional display. If you can’t or don’t want to hang pictures, you could opt for placing pictures on a ledge, spacing them evenly and staggering frame heights.

You could even overlap a couple of the frames. Use frame risers to add depth to your display, bringing some photos forward off the wall. People love stories. Line up framed pieces in chronological order to build a timeline of your growing child, a family vacation, or another important event, and let your visitors connect the dots. If you need some more inspiration, below we have some nice examples and layouts for you to consider.

There are endless ways to create that dramatic photo wall display in your Home. All you need is some inspiration, some creativity and lots and lots of pictures.

Photo Wall Ideas for Living Room

Photos of your family are something we all cherish and would like to keep near us all the time. Here’s one of the clever ideas for displaying your family photos in your living room.

There are lots of different ways you can set up a photo wall in your living room. Opt for a mix of the large and small size photos if you like the quality of the photo and look for an impactful effect.

Creating a custom photo wall in your living room is one of the best ways to add a personal touch. Arranging multi-sized frames of the same type in a pattern like the one shown below is just such an eye-pleasing sight, isn’t it?

Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish décor. If you use rectangular photo frames you can alternate horizontal and vertical positions. It’s an interesting way of adding a modern touch to a rather traditional method.

Matching the right photos with your furniture and color schemes is how to take that room to the next level of fab. You can also use black and white photos for a more artistic touch.

Photo Wall Ideas for Bedroom

If you are confused about how to decorate your bedroom wall, check the image below. Some candid shots like these can literally warm up the entire setting.

One of the most creative ways to display selected photos on your bedroom wall specifically for small spaces.

Photo Wall Ideas With Frames

This is one of the many ways you can picture and hang all your moments in photos on a wall in your staircase by using a variety of photo frames.

If you want to create a bold statement, then this photo wall ideais just for you. Pairing large black frames with black & white photos is adding that bold statement/touch to the wall.

Love the way how Kristyn has put together her family photos with the Vinyl cuttings. A great DIY project for people looking for some creative ideas to work with photo prints.
Image Source:

Here’s another beautifully done-up photo wall. It is simple yet elegant.
Image Source:

Here’s another framed photo wall making an everlasting impression.
Image source:

A dramatic display of some candid family moments just warms up the entire setting.
Image Source:

An attractive way to infuse any room with warmth is to create a large gallery display of family photographs in frames of different shapes & sizes.
Image Source:

A very nice way to decorate the wall with the memories of a special event and framing them in bright color frames. We simply adore this green color and the way photos are displayed.
Image Source:

Here’s another photo wall idea with a monogram. Sweet, cozy and simple.
Image Source:

A very pleasant and eye-catching design to decorate a wall of your bedroom. Isn’t it a great idea to capture moments like these and put them on the wall to warm up the place?
Image Source:

Creating home decor items using photos is another way to decorate a wall with photos. Like here, they have created a huge wall clock using the photo frames.
Image Source:

Looks like a photo gallery, isn’t it? You too can create one like this using all black frames of different sizes.

Arranging your photo frames in layers like these, helps you save a lot of time, money and space. The added advantage of this idea is that you can change photo frames position for a changed look.

Photo Wall Ideas Without Frames

Here is an amazing wall photo collage idea to display your family photos without frames. The colorful photo display and cozy seating arrangement deserve a kudos.

Photo Wall Ideas on a Budget

Need photo wall ideas to decorate or cover a wall in your home office? Look no further. Here’s a traditional photo wall decore idea where photos of the same size & type covers just a portion of the wall. It’s a nice way of adding a personal touch to your working space.
Image Source:

Arranging photos like the sticky notes is the simplest of all the photos wall ideas. Isn’t it simple and attractive?

Here’s another style of decorating a wall with Polaroid pictures without the frame. Here they are arranged in a heart shape, you can choose the arrangement of your choice.

If you think decorating a wall with photo frames is heavy on your pocket, then this idea may help you. Create a large gallery display of family photographs (without frames) like this is inexpensive.

Here’s another creative way to decorate a wall with hanging photos. It is done using magnetic rope.

Hanging photos using metallic clips on an interesting looking wire is another great idea that got our attention. Keep a set of photos and change them as and when you feel like. You can also change photos as per the occasion. Isn’t that an interesting way to create a photo wall?

Photo Wall Ideas With Strings

You can begin with the things you already have. All you need is strings, clothespins, pictures and something (tape, tacks, nails, ect) to pin the string to the wall! You can also replace the normal strings with some fancy string or string lights to hang your photos to add that extra bling to your presentation.


Aside from trying the aforementioned ideas, you can also try an idea which involves using screws to create some spots on a wall in your home on which you can hang pictures.

Another idea that you can try is an idea which involves using some binder clips, wire/strings to create a stunning wall hanging to hang photos or pictures on a wall in your home.

DIY Photo Wall Ideas

Surrounded by people who you love the most is such a good feeling. However, it is not possible all the time. But what you can obviously do is, that you can create a collage and have them virtually surround you all the time. Here’s the step by step tutorial to make a collage like this.
Image Source:

If you are an avid Instagram photographer, then this is the best way to showcase your Instagram clicks. Here in the image illustrated above, the collage is created using 16 x 16 images. You can create it in smaller or larger sizes as per your collection & preferences.

Black & White Photo Wall Ideas

Not sure how to arrange all the black and white picture you have? Where to hang them? Check the image below for an inspiration and see how beautifully they have arranged extra large black & white photos.

A hallway makes a great spot for a family photo wall. All of these frames are different, but they are all black and the pictures are matted with white.

Here’s a great example of a vintage photo wall. Instead of putting up your own family photos, you can choose famous and popular people. Like the great singers, celebrities, public figures etc.

Canvas Photo Wall Ideas

A photo wall gallery becomes wonderful interior which can beautify your house just like in the image below. This photo arrangement gives an aesthetic value to the wall because the photographs are used as art.

Using just a few colors in your gallery display can create a unified look. Check out how this display cleverly uses green, blue, white and yellow images.
Image Source:

Black and white pictures are always timeless. You can decorate your house with the sweetest memories of your life like the ones displayed here.
Image Source:

Photo canvases are wonderful and creating one (or many) on your own can be fun and exciting. Here’s an example of awesomely done photo wall that showcase photo canvases done by Tasha and a DIY photo canvas tutorial too.
Image Source:

Make use of all your family photos and convert them into photo canvases to create a unique & memorable wall art. Here’s an example how you can at that personal touch to a plain looking wall in your room. Simple, subtle and attractive, isn’t it?
Image Source:

Don’t want to put too many family photos on your wall? That’s absolutely ok. You can definitely work around how many photos you want to put up on your wall. Below is an example of how you can put together minimal photos onto your wall and still make it look attractive.
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