How to Move Photos and Videos from OneDrive to Amazon S3?

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How to Move Photos and Videos from OneDrive to Amazon S3?

OneDrive and Amazon S3 are two popular cloud storage services. Many users store photos, videos, and other files in OneDrive but may want to move them to Amazon S3 for various reasons. This guide will explain how to easily transfer files from OneDrive to Amazon S3.


Before moving files from OneDrive to S3, you need:

  • An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account
  • Amazon S3 bucket created
  • AWS CLI installed and configured on your computer
  • OneDrive account with files you want to move

Step-by-Step Guide

Install and Configure AWS CLI

The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to manage AWS services from the command line. Follow these steps to install and configure the AWS CLI:

  1. Download and install the AWS CLI on your computer.

  2. Open the command line interface and run aws configure.

  3. Enter your AWS access key ID and secret access key when prompted.

  4. Specify the default AWS region name and output format.

Create an Amazon S3 Bucket

If you don't already have an S3 bucket created, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your AWS console and go to the S3 service.

  2. Click "Create bucket" and give it a unique name.

  3. Select the AWS region where you want to create the bucket.

  4. Click "Create" to create the bucket.

Install OneDrive Client

To sync OneDrive files to your computer, install the OneDrive desktop client:

  1. Go to and login to your account.

  2. Click on "Help & Settings" and select "Download OneDrive".

  3. Install the OneDrive client on your computer.

  4. Sign in to sync OneDrive files to your computer.

Use AWS CLI to Copy Files

With OneDrive files synced locally and an S3 bucket created, you can use the AWS CLI to copy files:

  1. Open a command prompt and change directory to your OneDrive folder.

  2. List the files with dir to identify files to copy.

  3. Use the aws s3 cp command to copy files. For example:

aws s3 cp video.mp4 s3://my-bucket-name
  1. Confirm the files uploaded successfully to your S3 bucket.

Automate File Transfers with Scripts

To automate transferring many files, create a script with the AWS CLI commands. For example:

awss3cp file1.jpg s3://my-bucket
awss3cp file2.mp4 s3://my-bucket 
awss3cp file3.pdf s3://my-bucket

Schedule and run the script periodically to auto-sync your OneDrive files to S3.

Alternative Methods

Some other ways to move files from OneDrive to Amazon S3 include:

  • Using third-party sync tools like MultCloud, CloudSync, or GoodSync.
  • Developing a custom script with AWS SDK and OneDrive API.
  • Manually downloading from OneDrive and uploading to S3 through console.

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How much does it cost to transfer files from OneDrive to S3?

There are no data transfer charges from OneDrive to S3. You only pay normal S3 storage and request costs.

What are the benefits of moving files to Amazon S3?

S3 offers reliable and scalable storage, data durability/availability, security features, and lower costs at scale.

Can I automate scheduled syncs between OneDrive and S3?

Yes, you can use the AWS CLI scripts with scheduling tools like cron jobs or Windows Task Scheduler.

Is there a storage limit on Amazon S3?

No, S3 provides unlimited object storage and supports files up to 5TB in size.

How fast is transferring files from OneDrive to S3?

Transfer speed depends on your internet connection and file sizes. For large files, enable multipart uploads.


Moving files from OneDrive to Amazon S3 is straightforward using the AWS CLI. The key steps are installing AWS CLI, creating an S3 bucket, syncing OneDrive files locally, and running AWS CLI commands to copy files to your bucket. Automating the transfers with scripts provides an efficient way to regularly back up OneDrive files to reliable S3 cloud storage.

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