What will happen if I delete or rename some of the folders on Flickr?

Wondering what will happen when you delete or rename some of the folders on Flickr? Will PicBackMan delete those from your system as well. No need to worry at all. PicBackMan will not make any change on your system.

For example if you uploaded photos in folder ‘A’ and later you rename it to ‘B’ on Flickr and do not make any change to the folders on your computer system. Then in that case, in the next upload session, PicBackMan will create a folder ‘A’ and continue to upload photos in this folder. Because the folder on your system is named ‘A’ and if PicBackMan doesn’t find the same folder name on Flickr it will create a new one.

FYI : Kindly note that PicBackMan doesn’t do a two way synch, it just UPLOAD photos, and never delete any photo or set.

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