How to Backup Flickr Photos and Videos?

It was really hard to believe when Yahoo! announced that its photo-sharing service, Flickr, will now offer all its users a massive 1 Terabyte of storage space for free. Most of us could not really understand how they could offer such a thing because 1 Terabyte is a lot of space. And Flickr was offering it for free. Fortunately, we could not find any catch or glitch in it. Knowing this, a majority of users started migrating their photos from another online service to Flickr’s 1Tb space along this came a reason to worry. What if something happens to our Flickr account? What will happen to our photos that we have uploaded to Flickr? This is the point where PicBackMan’s migrated feature comes in handy. PicBackMan allows you to migrate photos between various online accounts. It facilitates users to migrate Flickr photos to their computer systems and/or to other online cloud storage services.

Here’s how you backup Flickr photos and videos with PicBackMan:

Following we have a quick guide to let you know how to migrate photos and videos from Flickr to My Computer.

  1. On Accounts tab, associate your Flickr accounts.
  2. Go to Migrate tab and click on ‘Choose Account to Migrate’ button. Now select Flickr from the dropdown list of associated accounts and click save.
  3. Now you’ll see a Flickr icon on the window and corresponding it various checkboxes for various online services.
  4. In order to migrate photos and videos to My Computer, select the check box corresponding to My Computer icon.
  5. Now click ‘Migrate’ button that you see at the bottom of the window.
  6. All your Flickr photos and videos will now be uploaded/migrated to your My Computer location.

Here’s the video tutorial that you can refer to

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