Can Dropbox Carousel help me to Free up Space On My Phone?

Yes. Dropbox Carousel cam help you to free up space on your mobile device. If your phone is low on space, Dropbox Carousel sees that and send you a notification. You will get a notification asking if you would like help freeing up space. It will only remove the photos from your phone that have been backed up to your Dropbox and are older than 30 days. This feature is only available on iOS 8.0 and later. This feature will not delete burst photos, edited photos and Slo-Mo videos on iOS device. This feature will work only when your device is connected to the Internet connection. You will see your deleted photos in the "Recently Deleted" section. While doing this, if you get a message "Calculating space to free up...", then check back in a few hours. Because, it can take some time to determine which photos Carousel can free from your device.

There are 2 ways to free up space on your phone using Dropbox Carousel.

1. Tap the notification that you will be taken to Carousel's Settings page. You will see a page indicating how much space can be freed up by removing photos and videos which have already been backed up to Dropbox. Tap "Free up (x) MB od space" button.

2. Open "Dropbox Carousel" app on your iPhone and tap "Settings" and then tap "Free up phone space" tab.

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