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PicBackMan is the best Google Drive uploader for Windows that backs up 1000s of photos & videos to your Google Drive accounts, whether its the Google Drive Free Account or Google Drive Pro Account.

PicBackman Google Drive uploader Reviews PicBackMan was the easiest way I found to migrate all of my 12,000+ photos from Flickr to Google Photos at a reasonable price.- Lucas Borges
PicBackman Reviews It just works and solved a big problem for me. I feel much better knowing my digital photo life is backed up and safe.- Glen Chambers
PicBackman Reviews Aha, Vaibhav! You are the founder! Wow! It's a great product - I really like it & I am so happy it's working... & making my life easier! - Charles Johnston

Memories Automatically Backed Up with PicBackMan

Photos Uploaded

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PicBackMan is a Google Drive Desktop Uploader That "Just Works"

Crashless -ly Backups


Tortured by uploaders crashing on you, including Google Drive's own? Not any more. PicBackMan Google Drive uploader crashless-ly backups up 1000s of photos to your Google Drive account.
Duplicate free photo and video uploader

Duplicate Free

With PicBackMan photo uploader for Google Drive, don’t fear a flurry of duplicates uploaded to your Google Drive account for you to sort through. Every photo is dupe-checked before upload.
Effortless photo and video uploader


PicBackMan doesn’t need you to upload 100 photos or a sub-folder at a time which is cumbersome & time consuming. Uploading folders to Google Drive is literally 1-Click.
Continous backup of photo and videos

Continuous Backup

PicBackMan Google Drive uploader software keeps looking for new photos & videos in your connected folders and auto uploads to Google Drive account, without you having to do a thing.

Everything You’ve Wished for in a Google Drive Uploadr

And a lot more. Don’t find a feature here? Email us at team@picbackman.com & we will confirm.

Endorsed by Users & Experts, Alike.

PicBackMan has been endorsed as the fastest and effortless way to stay on top of your backups - never loose sleep over photo backups again.

PicBackMan automates the process of uploading pictures to multiple photo storage sites.
Top rated photo backup application.PicBackMan cnetdownload rating
PicBackman Google Drive uploader Reviews PIcBackMan was an answer to many a prayer. How can I get this MASSIVE collection of photos onto a service that cripples uploading? PicBackMan. I uploaded approximately 85,000 photos in less than a month. It would have taken me close to a year to get all of those photos where they needed to go. Nothing short of brilliant. - Dave
PicBackMan is a great app. Very user friendly, even for a novice like me. I was able to transfer all my Facebook photos to Google drive fast and easy! I highly recommend this app and the premium upgrade. Well worth the small expense- Holly