How to cancel an ongoing upload process?

It may happen many times, that after you initiate the photo upload/download process you suddenly realize that you forget to make some changes to the settings page. You may think that you can pause the upload process and make desired changes. Unfortunately this won’t help. In this case you are just pausing the upload process and not The PicBackMan application.

In order to change setting in the middle of any upload / download process, you’ll have to pause PicBackMan Application instead of the upload / download process. To pause PicBackMan Application please right click on PicBackMan icon located in your System tray (bottom right corner of your computer screen) and select ‘PAUSE’. Then you can make changes to the application as you want.

Once you are done with your changes, again right click the system tray icon and select ‘RESUME’. PicBackMan will start the upload process as per the changes you made.

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