What is De-dupe?

PicBackMan’s De-dupe feature helps you identify duplicate photos in all your online accounts. It automatically removes duplicate photos from your photo collection (depending on your preference). All you need to do is select the account service, click Dedupe & PicBackMan does the rest.

Here’s how it is done. For example you want to de-dupe your Flickr account. First step is to select any one of the two given options i.e.

1. Move duplicate photos to [PicBackMan Duplicates] folder or
2. Delete duplicate photos.

Then select Flickr  from the list of services given below and click ‘De-Dupe’. The moment you click de-dupe button PicBackMan starts scanning each and every photo in all your Flickr photo sets. If it identifies any duplicate photo, it follows the instruction you specified above. Either it move those to ‘PicbackMan Duplicate’ folder or delete permanently.

In case of moving them to PicBackMan Folder: PicBackMan creates a new album titled ‘PicBackMan Duplicates’ within your Flickr account and all de-duped photos are stored here.

In case of  ‘Delete Duplicate photos’: All de-duped photos would be permanently deleted from your Flickr account.

Note: PicBackMan de-dupe photos that already exist in your online photo collection.

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