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Your photos & videos are precious memories. PicBackMan helps you keep your photos & videos safe,
in multiple places, automatically.

PicBackMan is available for Windows and Mac. iOS and Android versions are coming soon.

Effortlessly bulk upload and backup photos and videos to:

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Users in 130+ Countries Backup with PicBackMan

#1 solution for automatic photo & video backups - effortless too!

  • Dorus Oerlemans

    I love your service. I needed the paid subscription to transfer a lot of images from picasa to flickr. Thank you very much.

    Dorus Oerlemans
    Glen chambers

    PicBackMan just works and solved a big problem for me. I feel much better knowing my digital photo life is backed up and safe.

    Glen chambers
    Merill Fernando

    ...PicBackMan is absolutely fantastic. I used it to transfer over 36 gigs of pictures to Flickr without any trouble at all.

    Merill Fernando
  • Dan Quigan

    picbackman is the best flickr backup app around. Does Goog/Smugmug/ everything. Finally putting my 1TB of flickr to good use

    Dan Quigan

    AI sought for an easy way make the initial backup to SmugMug. PicBackMan has done that brilliantly. It's easy and fast. Support is excellent.

    Michael Mackenzie

    The software rocks! Getting my pics backed up ws always going to be a pain, but this way saves me time and money. Thank you.

    Michael Mackenzie

See PicBackMan in Action

PicBackMan takes the pain out of your photo & video backups

  • Full Support for Photo Backups

    PicBackMan is a bulk uploader that enables you to upload/backup your photos to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Facebook, Dropbox, Box, Photobucket, Skydrive and Google Drive. PicBackMan is effortless and automatic - it takes care of monthly quota limits, monitors for new photos to backup, ensures there are no duplicates and a lot more.

    Full Support for Photo Backups
  • Full Support for Video Backups

    PicBackMan is a bulk uploader that helps you backup / upload your videos to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Facebook, Dropbox, Box, Photobucket, Skydrive and Google Drive. PicBackMan is designed to support large sizes video files and works intelligently around upload limits, throttling and other aspects to flawlessly upload your videos online.

    Full Support for Video Backups
  • Efficiently De-dupes Your Photos

    PicBackMan efficiently de-dupes your photos so you never have to worry about duplicate photo uploads. PicBackMan ensures that it has not uploaded a duplicate before and kills dupes before they happen.

    Efficiently De-dupes Your Photos
  • Migrate Your Photos & Videos

    PicBackMan helps you migrate your photos & videos on various accounts. You can migrate Photos & Videos provides from multi accounts to your preferred online accounts. Moreover, you can migrate your photos & videos from online accounts to your desktop. PicBackMan delivers the best account migration experience between the top providers.

    Migrate Your Photos & Videos
  • Detailed Account Stats

    PicBackMan can connect multiple accounts to take redundant backups, migrate photos and videos between top providers. It displays account stats right there to keep you updated with your account quota.

    Detailed Account Stats
  • Multiple Accounts For Redundant Backups

    PicBackMan can connect multiple accounts to take redundant backups. PicBackMan also allows your to connect multiple accounts with the same service.

    Multiple Accounts For Redundant Backups
  • Efficient Bandwidth Utilization

    Unlike other photo backup solutions, PicBackMan With two simple settings, you can make sure PicBackMan is using the bandwidth optimally without affecting your normal work at all.

    Efficient Bandwidth Utilization

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PicBackMan in a Nutshell

The best photo and video backup application comes packed with features that are
designed to work smartly behind the scenes while making the user experience
dead easy and super fast.

Fastest Photo Uploader

Fastest Photo

PicBackMan is the fastest error-free bulk photo uploader that can back up 1000s of hi-res photos to a wide range of online photo & storage accounts.
Flawless Video Uploader

Flawless Video

PicBackMan makes backing up videos a breeze - backup small clips or large videos to your online accounts or local storage with a click of a button.
All-in-One: Redundant Backups Are A Breeze

All-in-One: Redundant Backups Are A Breeze

With PicBackMan, you can backup photos & videos to any of the top 9 photo & storage services - plus you can make redundant backups in one go.
No Limits - On Volume or Size

No Limits - On Volume
or Size

PicBackMan enables you to backup unlimited photos of all sizes and handles the complexity and API or quota limits flawlessly at the backend.
Truly Automatic

Truly Automatic -
Just works!

PicBackMan is truly automatic - once you definite the photo / video folders, it constantly monitors for new items & uploads those every minute or as defined by you.
Supremely Intelligent


PicBackMan packs a lot of intelligence to deliver a dead-easy automatic experience - handles timeouts, API limits, service restrictions, queuing and more.
The Best Migration Solution

The "Best" Migration

Migrating from one account to another? Online to offline? PicBackMan migrates your collection better than any other solution - keep your structure intact and migrates photos & videos in original size & full resolution.
The Best De-dupe Solution

The "Best" De-dupe

Bid good bye to duplicate photos - PicBackMan's De-dupe feature automatically scans your photo collection and marks duplicates to be removed or separated out. And its keep doing it continuously.
Backup from Folders & Sub-folders

Backup from Folders &

PicBackMan supports automatic backups from your connected folders and their entire sub-folder hierarchy and gives you control to choose the ones you want or do not want to backup.
Multiple Account Support

Multiple Account

Have multiple accounts on Flickr or SmugMug or Dropbox? PicBackMan seamlessly supports multiple accounts and you can choose to backup to any of the accounts you'd like.
Built-in Bandwidth Optimization

Built-in Bandwidth

With PicBackMan's in-built bandwidth optimization feature, your photo and video backups won't hog up all your bandwidth and you can control it in the Settings section.
FULL Resolution Photo Backup

FULL Resolution

PicBackMan always backs up and uploads your photos at FULL resolution and original size do you have your memories saved in the best possible way.
RAW File Backup

RAW File

If you are a photographer or a photography geek, you know how important RAW files are. PicBackMan supports RAW file backups and uploads to your online accounts.
Migration with Full Resolution

Migration with
Full Resolution

With PicBackMan, you can migrate your photos from one account to another or to your local machine in FULL resolution and original size so you never loose the picture quality, ever.
Download to Local Machine / SAN

Download to Local
Machine / SAN

PicBackMan enables you to create online as well as offline local backups - so you can automatically create an offline local machine / SAN backup as well, as you need.


PicBackMan is free to use and you can get started in a matter of minutes and get full control over your photo and video backups - keep your memories safe for free!
Track Your Storage Stats

Track Your Storage Stats

PicBackMan tracks and gives you a birds eye view of the storage stats for all your connected accounts so you get a quick view of available space, time for upgrades and more.
Fanatic Support

Fanatic Support

We are "fanatic" about supporting you to get the most out of PicBackMan and help you keep your memories safe. Email us at for anything you need help on.

Happy Customers

Users in 130+ countries are using PicBackMan to backup their precious photos and videos.

After endless research to a problem of not being able to upload photos to Flickr I've came across PicBackMan. It worked and helped a lot. I can highly recommend it, as it hasn't failed me yet and connects and does exact job as it says. Well done!
Zuzana testimonial iLoveMySleep
I've been using PicBackMan for a few months to sync photos to SmugMug for overseas family to see. Everything has worked really well and the software is currently syncing some 15000 hi-res images.
Greg testimonial Greg Scowen
Software necessary for those who have one or more locations in the "cloud". Automatic update between files that you have chosen and most of your locations
within "clouds".
Daniel testimonial Daniel
I have now successfully backed up more than 11,000 full resolution photos to my Box account and it worked fine. I would still prefer a more intuitive, native client and an upload speed limit.
Paul Testimonial Paul B.

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